Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Can I Say….

Amelia 003

Amelia’s first standing pose…being the proud mother that I am, I have to say…..isn’t she the cutest? She was very cooperative but look at that face! I think she might have an attitude.


  1. You are so funny.

    When my boys were little, we had this one chick that would let them carry her was so fun to watch. She would lightly peck them on the cheek.

  2. So darn cute ... and I like what you used for the background too!

  3. What a sweet face! She looks like she's telling you to hurry up and take the picture.

  4. Oh Karen.... she's so cute.... makes me want to hug her. A great picture you took!

  5. Oh so very cute!!!
    Congratulations! She is adorable.

    barbara jean

  6. OMG are hooked and well on your way to joining the ranks of us crazy chicken ladies! Welcome to the club!!!!

  7. Adorable! Your photography is stunning! you inspire me.


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