Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Karen’s Koop is Coming Soon….




This is real similar to my new shed/coop which should get delivered in the next couple of weeks.  It will have a cupola and weather vane like the one next to it.  I got a reduced price on a model, so it is not the exact colors I would have chosen (not this one) but will look similar to my house.  I can always paint it later (I think I might have the skills…lol).  I will be making my own coop inside as these are not set up for that. 

See that snow on the ground?  Well, this is from their website but that’s what it looked like around my house yesterday!  Yes, we got a freak hail/snow storm, about two inches worth!!!  Spring?  Ha!  It’s not coming!  I’m convinced!

chicks 003

Amelia and Rosa just hanging out.

                         chicks 005

Eleanor is the most photogenic!!


  1. Cute coop! I know you will make it adorable for those little adorable girls! Spring must come, it must!!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished product. I know you will "cute it up" with your own special style.

  3. What an amazing idea! I can't wait to see the final pictures.
    p.s I keep showing your blog to my mom, aunt, and other relatives- they love it!

  4. I love it...and love seeing the growth of your chicks!

  5. How exciting! I'm so curious to see what you'll be doing in there. These are some very lucky gals. Eleanor looks like she is posing.

  6. Lovely coop....what lucky hens you are going to have...lucky to have a beautiful house and such a loving Mama!!! Don't worry, you will have warm weather and blue skies very very soon! Hang in there!

  7. That's the fanciest chicken coop I've ever seen, but.... I'm thinking those precious little chickens deserve a fancy one!
    You're going to have so much fun!
    Cluck, cluck!


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