Monday, April 25, 2011

Kids, Dogs and Chicks….


grayson 002

Rosa has decided to get into some high perching.  Dash, on the left, finds this fascinating but he is worried for Rosa.  He has become very dedicated to protecting the ‘girls’.   

                       grayson 004

Grayson came to visit the chicks and was delighted with them, albeit a bit timid.  I love his concentration….. notice his right hand.  lol  Dash is right next to him….I’m not sure who he guards more, his girls or Grayson!

grayson 005

Sorry about the bad picture.

grayson 007


grayson 008

Unfortunately, Grayson was sick most of his stay with me but I love how happy the chicks made him.  He is fascinated by them.

ms daisy 002

I got this one Sunday, Sister Amelia and Big Brother Dash.

ms daisy 005


ms daisy 006


ms daisy 011

Dash just can’t help himself…..he loves and protects ‘his’ girls!  When they get up on the rim of the washtub, he nose butts them back in!


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  2. What great pictures...and Grayson is getting so, so big. What a head of hair!! Adorable....all three!!!

  3. awww everyone loves the little chicks. Too cute.

  4. These shots are precious! Big hugs!

  5. a beautiful boy, chicks and a dog... this post is about cuteness!!!

  6. Oh my gosh.... those are the sweetest and most precious pictures!!! What could be cuter that a precious little boy, a dog, and a chicken!!


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