Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Finishes…

                       done 006 

Yep, the chicken run is finally finished….what do you think of this picture of the chicken wire?  I felt it needed an acknowledgement…after my struggle to contain it!  Ha!  See that old wood ladder? Nope, I’m not still working on the chicken run…that is my girls’ new roust. 

          done 002 

The girls took to their new outside space, ‘like ducks to water’!  They walked around wondering, what this new stuff was on their feet but they were burrowing and digging in it ASAP.  That new stuff is play sand, 12-5 gallon buckets worth…yes, I hauled it from the truck and dumped it myself….not bad for a 65 year old!  (I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow.)

           done 003 

Of course, I gave them a reward, their first scratch.

done 008 

done 030 

done 027 

It’s a simple life.

 run 002 run 016 

This is the new automatic door, you cut out a whole the size of the door, place the box between two studs, place trim on the outside and inside of the little door. and plug her in!

 run 017 

I did a major clean out, scrub down and added new shavings.

 run 021 

The girls were definitely ready for bed (and so was was nearly 8:00 when I finished) and with a little start from Mommie and Rosa, the whole gang got in.

I am so happy all of this is done, now I can concentrate on my vintage Shasta, Driving Ms. Daisy.


  1. What a wonderful world for your ladies.

  2. Looking good!..I will e-mail you in a bit about the paint...

  3. It looks great! Have a great weekend. We are bracing for the effects of Hurricane Irene...should be stormy and rainy around here most of the weekend.

  4. You did an outstanding job! Your girls look very happy. I have been reading a lot of different sites about raising chickens and it seems we all do it a little bit differently. I use Timothy Hay to lay on my coop floor, and other use pine shavings. I mix my lay mash with scratch, about 1 to 3, and some don't introduce til point of lay. Anyway, I find it all so interesting. My girls should be laying beautiful eggs any day now. I am putting a dummy egg in the box, just so they know where to make their deposits!!!
    You remind me so much of my myself! Such a doer!!!!! Love it! Rest up...great job!!!

  5. What a great accomplishment. So proud of you. Now ... can you come out and finish my deck!

  6. Your girls (and you) are living the good life.
    The ladder is a great idea for a roost...
    You've done a great job!!!
    Happy weekend!

  7. Yes, it is a simple your pictures and the clothes line...just brought back a ton of memories....

  8. je crois que je ne connais pas de poules plus heureuses que les tiennes !
    belle journée

  9. I gotta' hand it to you, you have outdone yourself, I bet you found muscles you never knew you had, I know how chicken wire has a minds of its own.

    I got all giddy just reading this post for your girls, I could just hear them clucking to one another. Such new and exciting adventures lay ahead. That door, Ingenious creation. AND I see a cute new coop sign on their home, is that made from a vintage tray!!! CUTE!!

    Have a fun weekend just relaxing and enjoying the fruits of your labor and soon (I hope) you will be having eggs. Have they gotten in the nest box yet?

  10. Great job Karen! Those gals are the luckiest chickens on earth! I love your chicken mansion very clever and a perfect touch.

  11. LUV the 'platter' & magnets for the chickens entrance.
    26 more days till "Kamp Karens"

  12. W-o-W a job well done. I curious if you meant "plug her in" literally. Electric door pass?

  13. I would live there! Great job you handywoman you. Your ladies are the luckiest ducks (chickens) that I have ever seen.


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