Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Smart Tips Tuesday


This post could be my regular Tues post, Thriftin’ Time Tuesdays but I didn’t thrift for these following objects….

                       v @ coop 018

How about this for shabby?

               v @ coop 020

Isn’t this incredible patina….all natural…the real thing.  There is silver, pale blue, black and natural wood!   Can you beat this?  I don’t have to ‘shabby’ it, at all.  You are never going to believe where I found these!  The neighbor boys were cleaning out a shed and throwing these on their burn pile, when I thought I saw something ( I was at least 150 ft away inside the house!) that resembled a piece of furniture.  OFF I WENT….I was able to salvage most of the drawers although I had to reassemble them….very warped etc. but they seem to work just fine.  I plan to put these in my chicken coop (coming soon!).  I was able to glue and fit most of the drawers together with the pieces I found.  A missing drawer or two won’t bother me.   I am so thrilled to have them!

v @ coop 019

There’s no top on one but I am thinking if these are tall enough I might put a door over the top for a long work bench for potting plants in my future chicken coop!


                    v @ coop 026

And I just fell in love with this old advertisement I discovered at a ‘chance meeting’ estate sale….it is about 20 x 28…huge.  Women were still wearing corsets so it’s pretty old.  A cowboy hat was $.49!  I believe this would also look good in the coop, my ladies would appreciate it!  Oh, I saved the best for last….


             coop 004

Now, don’t go calling my crazy but this is going in the coop, after it gets all kinds of crystals and doodads hanging off of it….oh, and a new paint job. This one I did find at a thift….are you sitting down?…$5!!!  My girls are going to love it!


  1. Can't wait to see that fancy coop decor all come together!



  2. You are going to have one fancy schmancy coop there! I sure hope your gals appreciate it!!

  3. Well....are you crazy or what???? Just kidding...now you have peaked my interest.

  4. No way! they were going to burn them? YOU have quite the hawk eye to spot them.

    I think your girls will have them most spiffy coop in your area with that chandelier. I am kicking myself, what awesome prices you found those for.

  5. You got some great finds...I got a big giggle picturing you leaping over a fence to save the goodies from the burn pile!!! LOL

    Won't tell my chickens bout yours cuz they will desert their coop and join yours to live in luxury!

  6. I guess you will have the best looking and well lit coop around. Really looking forward to seeing a picture of that. All the things you got are going to work out really nice, I do think the chicks ought to have a rocking chair to sit in.
    Nancy Jo

  7. They will Nancy Jo! You must have read my mind!!!

  8. So true.... one man's trash, another man's treasure. I'd say you found some treasures!!! Can't wait to see your chicken coop!

  9. Karen, it's funny I've been feeling like flying this coop and now I know where I can go!!! lol

  10. I think those two piece wuold make perfect nesting boxes....don't be getting too tied down ...you won't be able to travel.

  11. Imagine watching that beauty go up in smoke. It's wonderful with all those paint colors. I'm really looking forward to seeing this chicken coop.

  12. LOVE your shabby cabinets, and the old advertising!

    barbara jean


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