Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thriftin’ Time Tuesdays


I’ve been working long hours this last week to get Ms. Daisy ready for the road.  Here’s a little preview….


flowers and Ms D 022 


The table is set, come and join me….


flowers and Ms D 016


I put all the finished doors back up, added a few more red touches and soon it will be time to decorate the walls.


flowers and Ms D 010


I love the new red ‘hot’ stove!  I never planned for this much red but I like it….wait until you see the new cushions!!!  Oh, no you don’t, no peeking, not until the next Ms. D post!


flowers and Ms D 025


This kitchen has almost as much countertop as my (home) kitchen.  What do you think of that funky old rot iron paper towel holder (that weighs a ton)?  I found that at a garage sale at a MaryJane’s Farmgirls meet in Prosser, WA.  A dab of red spray paint goes a long way.  I didn’t have the fabric yet but look how the design is repeated in the curtains I made.  Bought from a Mexican for my Mexican themed trailer! I even got a vintage tortilla maker (I think you put it in the fire).  How fun is that?


flowers and Ms D 011


I got my battery for backup but need to shop for a new fridge.  Wish me luck finding one to fit my retrofitted space!  (I hate when stuff like this happens).

I am off to do a little outside work on this baby.



  1. Oh my goodness, I am giddy with excitement just watching your hard work in transforming this piece of coal into a diamond. She is perfect in every way...BRAVO!! on a job well done. She will have head turning as you fly down the road... I can just see her grinnin' now.

    I LOVE YOUR towel rack!!! What an eye you have for finding and turning trash into treasures.

    OH... I want one... if just to park in the yard and go sit in her and dream.... Guess I will had to dream from my back porch for now and see your dream come to life.

    Cant wait to see more, you are so creative~!

  2. Wow, you really have been busy and of course I love all the red!! All the decor is so great and especially the paper towel holder! Now all we need is for the sun to come back out! Good luck on your hunt for a fridge!

  3. Bright and cheery kitchen girl!! I have never seen a red range before! And love the springy color on the walls.

    re frog: uh oh. I am not sure what on earth I am doing some times. I did not even remember about the frog. I'll have to go see which one and post it at the store. =)
    Frame: It is actually a lovely picutre, but I will get price, show better pic etc. So far behind on everything. Tons of inventory I have not even priced and entered to computer yet.
    Am I in over my head? maybe. =)


  4. Wow..... I love the bright and cheerful colors!!! The towel rack and red oven are awesome!!! This whole project looks and sounds like so much work and fun!!

  5. Beautiful, cheerful, cozy, I love it!

  6. Luv the 'POP' of Red! Can hardly wait to see Miss Daisey next week!

  7. Charming!
    The photos make it so big.

    Blogspot has not yet fixed the comment problem so am posting as anonymous

  8. Wow!!! Karen, that looks great! Amazing job you've done. Good luck with the fridge!!

  9. wow!! your kitchen is so lovely! you are working so hard on your trailer! beautiful job Karen!!
    and I love your towel holder!! you are so clever! it is amazing!

  10. I LOVE it!! I am keeping my eye out for a vintage trailer. Yours is adorable! Great job!!

  11. I love the way you are putting the colors together with out it being dark and specific turquoise and red. The wrought iron towel holder!!! I have got to have one myself. I am on the hunt for similar tractor parts to have hubby make me one too. :) they are hard work but so worth the result. Campin in the great outdoors! :)

  12. Nice refreshing use of red and turquoise! I love it. I have got to find your wrought iron towel holder myself. Off to find some tractor gears so hubby can make one for me :) Lots of work but so worth it when you get to go campin under the stars. :)
    Sisters on the fly.... Here I come!


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