Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I don’t know a lot of ways to de-stress but here’s one that really works for me….paper crafting with my friend, Sharon.  After my wonderful Farm Chicks weekend (tons of de-stressing there!), I was tossed back into the real world, immediately.  I had a rental come up and they vacated leaving a real mess.  I have been over there everyday since or on the road buying supplies.  I couldn’t take another day of it!  So here is what I did instead…..

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I wanted some little notecards to send out in the snail mail once and awhile.  I still love the written word on a real piece of stationery!  Don’t you just love getting something pretty in the mail?  I sure do but giving it is so much fun!

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And this is my Mary Jane's Farmgirl Connection swap card for the month of June.  Sharon and I went with a sewing theme, this month.

We have such a ball working together in her jam packed art studio!  Her hubby, Dean even got a tiny corner of the wonderful space, lucky guy, but he deserves it for listening to our silly oohhs and ahhs all day! 

The studio is packed with every craft goodie possible (dried flowers, fabric, buttons, rhinestones, bling, trims, lace, paper, tools, etc.) and some of these items are very vintage, so you can just imagine the eye candy!  I love it because nothing can stop me from creating a masterpiece…well, almost nothing!  lol  At least, I have a better chance at it!


  1. Happy to share. And wonderful to have someone to craft with. Bouncing ideas back and forth make both of us better artists.

  2. Your note cards are so wonderful!!!

  3. It's such a shame that some renters don't respect someone's property.

    You were so wise to de-stress and have some fun.

    Your cards are so pretty!!


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