Thursday, June 2, 2011

I’m Off….

my rocker…nope NOT YET! I will be rocking down the country roads to Riverside State Park, this very day. First trip, DRIVING MS. DAISY!  Yep, all ready to meet up with some Sisters on the Fly and some MaryJane’s Farmgirls… we are corralling at the Farm Chicks Show, right here in Spokane, WA.  It is going to be a heap of fun….shopping all those wonderful country vintage goodies, singing around our campfires, showing off our vintage trailers or just playing Bingo by the fire.   We are even having a little garage sales of our own. 

It will be my first campout in a trailer since I was a little tyke, the first one driven by me.  It may be cloudy and rainy but the sun will shine for us!


Ok, not quite like this….but I will be posting pictures of my finished Ms.Daisy and other vintage beauties, soon.  I am still waiting for my couch cushions (arriving this am.), as I hitch up for the road. 


This is totally how I feel!  I am about to burst…..into a song and dance!  Who could ask for anything more?


  1. Karen,,,Have the absolutely best of times!!! Take lots of pics...I'm thinking of doing this next year...want to caravan???....

  2. how wonderful karen!! please take a bunch of pics!!

  3. Oh, sounds like you all will have a blast, I cant wait to see all the pictures of the completed Ms,Daisy.

    Hope you have safe travels.

  4. ok now i´m smiling too! have a great time. your names crack me up :)

  5. This trip/adventure sounds so exciting! Can't wait to see pictures...

  6. Miss you already even though you are no further away than you were yesterday! Silly me. Hope you are having the time of your life Sis


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