Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Smart Tips Tuesdays



I love these, throw a plastic container on the inside….good to go!  


DIY in seconds! 


This gets my creative juices flowing….how about a wreath covered in yo yo’s? 


What a cute window…love the shelf. 


Here’s some cute bottles to use for dishwashing soap or ….. 


Simple but so cute!


Love the ruffles and bows!


Tea tins on magnets for the fridge, sewing room, office….


Last tip today…find a beautiful spot to rest when you need a break!



  1. lol...when I saw the hammock I thought...please don't let her say this in her chicken coop! One time I watched a whole hour show on making yo yo's...why I don't know but it was just fascinating to me...

  2. Kicking myself for throwing away those windows I harvested from a house that was going to be torn down, I see so much potential now for them. The flower pots, are they fabric covered?

    Hope you are getting some sleep.

  3. Cute and clever ideas,..... but I think I'll take the hammock!

  4. Oh that hammock! Just love that photo.
    I also love the flower covered clay pots. I wonder how it's done, ie. special glue?

    Wouldn't smaller versions of those make a cute place card holder for garden teas or picnics? I recently saw small sized plain garden clay pots that someone (can't remember where) used with a pack of flower or herb seeds inside. A plant marker used for the name tag was also tucked inside. Very cute.
    Thanks for your sweet comments, P.

  5. what's not to love about 'yoyos'...
    I have 3 1-gal containers full of them,,,,
    they make everything cute!
    luv & see ya tomorrow as we head out on the dusty trail to Elk, Idaho...


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