Thursday, July 14, 2011

Not your ordinary ‘Greens’

                          girls 003 (600x800)

My girls got their first ‘greens’ today.  And Rosa Parks (in the rear) is always the first to try anything new.  She loves them.  Amelia Earhart is the most photogenic…always parading to the front. 

         girls 006 (600x800) 

Didn’t take them long to learn ‘greens’ are really good.

       girls 011 (800x600) 

I miss my girls, yes, I can visit them anytime in their new Chicken Mansion but when they were in the house I got to hold them a lot more.  They are getting pretty independent, too old to be held….you know how teenagers get, right? 

I will be constructing a run for them in the next week, so they can become even more independent.  They will even have their own automatic door into the run.  It’s tough being a mom…..


  1. They are sure pampered gals and I love their names. They are sure blessed to have you for their care giver.

  2. Karen,
    Your chicken coop looks awesome, from what I can see! I love your blog. We must be friends, cause I miss you already.

  3. I think I would enjoy chickens, too. They are such feisty little things. Cute photos.

  4. I didn't know that chickens could be spoiled, but I do believe your girls are spoked rotten....what a great life they have.

  5. My how you spoil your children!!
    I think that chicken coop is prettier than my whole house!

  6. I'm glad they liked their greens!! That chicken mansion is something else!! They don't know how good they have it :)


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