Tuesday, August 9, 2011


                                yard and coop 009 

My Hollyhocks have gone bonkers, this year.  They are everywhere.

  yard and coop 015 

And they are gigantic!

  yard and coop 011 

yard and coop 012 

 shed 015 

And the Hummingbirds are out ‘having a field day’!

  shed 016 

But then so are my Lilies….

  yard and coop 007 

Over four and a half feet tall.  There will be some blooms bigger than my spread hand in a few more days.  I promise to share.


  1. We just spent some time in Door County, WI and saw these flowers everywhere, there were four of us there but no one knew what they were called. Thanks for clearing it up for me, I think they are gorgeous.

  2. Love your new header.

    Weeee those sure have grown tall, what a wall of beauty you have there. You need to collect those seeds and sell them.

  3. So pretty! You are in WA. state, no? I have a niece in Lacey. And several other relatives in Seattle, and areas near there. I have never been. Can you believe that? I must go. But I fear I shall not want to return.
    One of my favorite old time flowers is snapdragons, and sweet peas. My favorite Aunt Connie grew them, and I so loved them!!!

  4. I love hollyhocks. Too bad I'm the only one in the family that does or they would be lining the back fence!

  5. Yep, right here in Washington we keep the old heirloom flowers going as long as we can. Sweet peas are another fav of mine.

  6. Those HolyHocks look so beautiful. Maybe I will have to try some of those next year. I live in Arizona and hope they like the heat. Zinnias are the only things blooming in my part of the country. The basil is doing well also. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Those are gorgeous... and the hummingbird photo! Augh! FANTASTIC!!!

    I can only grow the plastic plants...

    So sad, so true.

    ;-D robelyn

  8. Really? really???? my hollyhocks are short & squatty & have not even attempted to bloom...'course, that's what I get for 'stealing' hollyhock seeds from the flowers out by the BuggyBarn! lol! Were you with me that time or was it Heather? lol!
    These seeds are from last year's planting...oh well...summer isn't over yet!
    As for the "Hummers" I am filling their feeded (2 feeders) everyday! yikes, they must be getting ready for the Winter's migration... :>(

  9. Maybe Hollyhocks like long winters!!

  10. Gorgeous blooms and I can't believe the size of them...must be a record.

  11. My hollyhocks never seem to get past one foot of growth with no flowers. My lilies were beautiful so I took a picture of them, next day the deer had eaten them overnight. Your's are gorgeous.

  12. When we were little we made ladies out of Hollyhocks and toothpicks! One flower for the skirt and a bud for her head! Yours are really great! Love them!

  13. I just snapped pics of my hollyhocks today. See, great minds think alike. Hee-hee! Beautiful blooms, love the variety of colors.

  14. Wow.... your hollyhocks are beautiful and so many pretty colors!

  15. Just stumbled upon your blog, neighbor- I live in the 'Deep Creek Community' (north of FAFB). Love those Hollyhocks! Grandmother always had them in her yard. When my mother passed away a couple of years ago she had a jar of the seed pods. I just finally have a place to plant them, so I'm hoping some of them still have a little life in them come next spring.


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