Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Meals in the Chicken Mansion….

Eleanor (Roosevelt), Rosa (Parks) and Amelia (Earhart) got to try some new food this week…an apple.  It seems that I was going to have to devise a way to stabilize the apple, so they could eat it.  I can’t always visualize how the contraption will work …only what I need it to do.  I didn’t really have the right thing to use, so I used a small metal stake and a clamp.

       misc1 009 

The girls were not sure what to think of this….they are always so shy….lol.  It took some time for them to get the idea.

           misc1 007  Amelia rules the roust but she is always the last one to try anything new… 

     misc1 012 

  misc1 013 

I had no idea how much they loved apples…it was completely gone the next morning….and I mean completely! 


  1. Too thinkin! Laurel

  2. OH!!! your girls are so lovely and beautiful feathers too. Its from all that good care you are giving them. I see too they have new perches.

    An apple a day! The girls are wise.

  3. It pays to be a chicken in your house!!

  4. Aren't you clever! That apple would just be rolling around and frustrating them if you didn't come up with this idea. Now you'll have to find out if they prefer one type of apple over another. Is that a rice cake hanging there with the clothes pin?

  5. Your gals are so very are a wonderful chicken mother!!

  6. My girls love apples too. I suppose they all do. I was using my Pampered Chef Chopper and bringing out an apple every morning, and then suddenly they stopped laying eggs!! Apparently, they should only have a tiny bit once in a while as a treat. When I asked my gals down at the feed store how much to give, she said to grate some apple and bring it out once or twice a week as a treat. But if you do it every day, or too much of the apple they will eat that over their regular diet and stop laying. So, she says for her whole flock of two dozen or so chickens, she grates an apple up and they share it. So just be careful how much and how often. Although, I think your girls are quite young and perhaps have not reached laying age yet. I have two who lay, and 5 who are just about to reach laying age. Love their names by the way.
    Mine are, Lucy and Ethel...aka The B's. Then the little ones are, Ham, Sammy, Tillie, Beatrice, and Chicka. My grand kids named them!
    Happy Saturday to you!

  7. Your girls are delightful and I do believe spoiled rotten and healthy.


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