Friday, September 16, 2011

Floral Fridays

Fall is definitely here…..  chicks 007 

I am preparing for a weekend (the 23rd-25th) with Sisters on the Fly…none other than right here at my home!  Yes, vintage trailers right here in my own back yard.  How lucky can an old gal get?  Here’s a little sneak preview of my yard, so far.

 chicks 010 

     chicks 004


       chicks 045


                chicks 055 


    chicks 058 


          chicks 063 

Last days of bare feet….for Dash and me!

                         chicks 077 

Not sure if the end of summer caused this little guys demise or not. 

                  chicks 079 

The last perfect clematis. 

chicks 061


             chicks 081 

Another eight foot Hollyhock.  The last.

             chicks 094 

My cleanup crew, hard at work to make the grounds ready, for all the vintage trailers headed here for the Girl Glampin’ Roundup.


  1. Your photos simply amaze me...

  2. Oh what fun.!
    Your yard and flowers are beautiful ....... Those are the first blooming mumsI've seen so far.
    Looking forward to seeing your fun times together.

  3. so much fun ahead. we are under a frost warning tonight so socks and shoes for me.

  4. Oh Karen...what fun!!! I have been looking every day on Craig's List for a vintage trailer. I need to offload some of the stuff we already have stored here in our grove first. I SO wish I was coming too. Your property looks so lovely. Love the shot of the deer grazing!!!!
    Have fun! Take lots of pictures!!
    OH, and your chickens already have full combs and wattles???? Wow, mine are rejects!!

  5. I bet you are excited to have the gals comin' and you have such a lovely place all reading for a good time. Take lots of pictures for your blogging buddies to see.


  6. I just adore your home, how beautiful the country is~! I have seeds from my Great Grandmothers hollyhocks & I reseed every spring. They are amazing how huge they grow. Enjoy these last summer days!

  7. What a beautiful place for all you gals to enjoy and just relax! I know you will have a great time and can't wait to see all the fun glamping pictures here!! Enjoy!

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  9. I know I for one am looking forward to spending this weekend at 'KampKaren's'....
    Tell Elenoire, Rosa & Amelia thanks for their dedicated work to clean up the camp site for us !lol!


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