Sunday, September 4, 2011

Free Range

free range 005

I got brave enough to let the girls (Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Amelia Earhart) out to free range for the first time.  I let them out for an hour just before sunset and stayed with them the whole time.  I thought they would rush to the (‘the grass is always greener’ ) side but they didn’t.  I guess they are just use to the dirt part.  Dash was real excited when he realized they were out but he was real skidish and would not get too close to them.

     free range 007

I had a lot of fun watching them and now feel a little more confident they will not wander off. 

 free range 008 

Sure enough, just as it was getting dark the girls all headed back inside the coop…I am still blown away.  Isn’t nature amazing?

My friend, Bev, at, is my source for all things ‘Chicken’…..thanks so much, Bev, for all your encouragement! 


  1. Oh Karen, they will be happier than pigs in mud if you let them free range every day. Just make sure they have already laid their eggs or you will be finding eggs in some strange places! My girls come out to FR every afternoon bout 4 til dusk, when they waddle their way back to the coop to roost. Your eggs will be better and healthier when they FR for such natural proteins. I get SO much joy from raising chickens!!
    XO Kris

  2. I sure wish I lived close enough to buy some of your free range eggs
    After seeing a special on TV on how chicken are raised (even supposed free range) I hate to eat eggs or chickens!

  3. The memories you create for me each time. My husband would let our chickens roam free but unfortunately he would lose some too.

  4. Woo Hooooo! Out of the coop! Chickens are just the greatest...never run off....content to stay around home and always in on time. Wish kids were that easy!! So glad you are having fun with your gals.

    Happy Labor Day!

  5. Like every mother hen, you must let them leave the nest! Fly the coop!

  6. Oh my goodness how did I miss this most important event... The girls are out! How about that, Those are one spoiled gals. I hope they gave you a few gifts for that outing in the form of fresh laid eggs...perhaps?

    LOVE the photos and the moon in the distance.

  7. OMG! I spy a 'free range' Dashiepoo! lolo!


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