Monday, September 26, 2011

Glampin’ with Chicks and a Bichon

sotf 011 

It was a super hot weekend with nice cool nights, lots of fancy ‘Sisters on the Fly’, trailers, chicks (as in my girls) and one male…my Bichon, Dash.  Here’s some butts of the first arrivals….

         sotf 007 

The view from my trailer, Driving Ms. Daisy, on the end, near the Chicken Mansion. 

                       sotf 010 


    sotf 003 

A couple of pictures of my Mexican setup. 

   sotf 013 

This very very vintage trailer is from the 40’s…love it Heather!

  sotf 039 


         sotf 019 


sotf 040  Love this old floor.

      sotf 028 

sotf 042


sotf 029 

This beauty belongs to Bonnie…love that paint job!

 sotf 016  Perfect weather…ok, a bit too hot…high 80’s…maybe even 90, but cool enough for fires in the evenings. 

       sotf 017 

My girls did their regular ‘walkabout’ while we sat in the yard with snacks and conversation….with Dash getting undivided attention from six women.

  sotf 020

Sunrises and sunsets were spectacular, as they can be this time of year. 

sotf 025 

A light breakfast in the Chicken Mansion, each morning to the cackle of my hens, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart and Rosa Parks…leaving me fresh eggs, each morning.


      sotf 027 

And to the left in this picture, is the Chicken Whisperer, Heather, who knows how to mesmerize my girls…. 

     sotf 030 

This shiny spectacular trailer is Denise’s….a real gem!

     sotf 032  Isn’t this the cutest…and so clever…just two towels, one forming the bottom of the apron, one half the other a pocket and the other half the bib. 

  sotf 034 

And this adorable Scotty with a Potty, belongs to Grace and it’s sporting a new chair….Dash loved it.

 sotf 044 

We went garage salin’ on Saturday all day….six gals, one large pickup truck and our official driver, Heather….this was our haul!!!  Can you believe it?  Do we know how to have fun, or what?

 sotf 053 

Needless to say we all slept well…that night!

                       sotf 054


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  1. More pictures please!! OH! what a super time you all had and what a haul!! I see a tray! I am nuts for trays, I collect the silver aluminum ones...well did collect. I have so many...but... can always use another one if I dont have that particular style. The old timers called them the "poorman's silver".

    Looks like a good time was had by all and that is perfect service from the girls, Fresh Eggs for breakfast. Cant beat that service, talk about spoiling the guest.

    Beautiful sunset.

  2. Actually, I didn't serve eggs but maybe next time when I have enough. Eleanor is still not ready.

    I am the owner of the silver tray but Heather got the silver is fab!

  3. Wowser! What a fun weekend you had!! I really must move my farm to Washington!! HAH!

    Love, love, love the trailers. And Miss Daisy is absolutely adorable. What attention to detail!!

  4. Oh my goodness..what fun!!! How I wish I could have been part of it!!!

  5. Oh you girls are sure living the good life. Looks like such a good time.
    The little glampers are so sweet!

  6. I love love love your campers and how you all decorated it. We have a newer 5th wheel. Nothing compares to yours, what fun.

  7. Next year I hope for me!!! We are going to have to do fly ins or something to each other...

  8. Thanks for posting all the beautiful shots, Karen, not as good as getting to come, but still really great.


  9. I truly enjoyed your post, I wish I had a little trailer to come and join you...what fun!!

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  11. Looks like heaven to me! I love each of the cute trailers, chickens and your 'loot'....

  12. Karen! Your photos need to be in a magazine! Just wonderful....

    Looks like such fun and friendship. Everyone seems to have their own personality enmeshed with their trailers.

  13. What a fun time- food, friends, and garage sales- that's my kind of party! Love all your finds!

  14. What a fun time you all had. Wow, you have great shops in your area. Love the vintages. Again, wish I were there but just got home from Rootstalk.

  15. I just love the names of your sweet chickies! I also love all of the trailer pics...what fun you all had!


  16. what a great weekend!! love the photos of the trailers! you really know how have fun Karen!

  17. Oh wow! You are living my dream life!
    Love the campers. Would love to see more interior shots and I want to steal all your vintage finds :-)

  18. What a fun 3 days. I'm still hiding treasures from the HUBS. :) Baby steps I say. Thanks for hosting us all Karen. You are a doll!!

  19. Simply awesome. How fun is that! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Oh Karen, you know how to throw a party! What fun! I love the breakfast buffet you set up in the coop! Fit for a Queen! I love all your sweet touches! Give Grace a big hug for me the next time you see her!



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