Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Little More of the Lake…

             kelso 015 

How would you like to live here?  Just yummy, huh?  Sharon and I paddled on Kelso Lake and took some fun sunset pictures….  

       kelso 035 

kelso 058


       kelso 061

We took a steep hike the next day and found this old cabin.


                      kelso 120 


                        kelso 118 


               kelso 135 

Want to sit for a bit?

  kelso 122 

Look at the fantastic stove, Kitchen Queen (two parts) and that table…..well, everything in here….so very very vintage!  No one uses this place and it has been on the market for two years.  Sorry about the bad picture…it was taken through a window.

 kelso 137 

A beautiful scene!



  1. Your photos are beautiful, Karen! I wonder how much they want for that cabin?..I could see myself there for the summer...

  2. I just became a follower. Love the cabins and I take it you were kayaking? The water is so still a great time to paddle.
    so glad I found you.

  3. WOW....Beautiful. The cabin is gorgeous. The old stove......

  4. Right now I want to go there and not come back to the "real" life for a while!

  5. Seems someone could get up a group of people and buy that cabin and share it. What a truly vintage feel and I love the lounge chair on the hill. With view like that I would never come back. There is nothing so peaceful as water lapping against the sides of the boat on a lake. More pictures please.....I can dream cant I?

  6. wow!! that is the cabin of my dreams!!
    thanks for sharing this Karen!

    have a wonderful week!

  7. Gorgeous sunset pictures! I want to go there....

  8. What a shame that cabin sits there unused in such a lovely place. I would kill for that stove!!!


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