Thursday, September 29, 2011

My New Friends

gifts 009

It feels like Christmas this week!  Look at these lovely ceramics made by my blogging friend, Tammy over at….  I am totally not doing these adorable ornaments….justice.  Tammy, I need your wonderful photos…

Thanks so much, for making a little chicken for each of my girls (chickens), Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart and Rosa Parks.  And Dash (my dog) is just loving his ‘Bone’…each one of those ornaments is going on my tree this I can think of my wonderful new blogging friend and her sweet thoughtfulness! 

The pinecone reminds me of a trip my daughter, Tracy and I did about a year ago over in Sagle, Idaho.  And naturally, the chickens are going in the Chicken Mansion!


      thrift 009 

Isn’t this the cutest gift wrap you ever saw?  My friend, Denise, (Sister on the Fly) gave me a gift this last weekend  and I just stopped at the wrap!!  Who wouldn’t…it’s a gift in itself!

But look at the cute stuff that was inside…all handmade!!!  A stationery holder (for my vintage trailer), a little notebook for my purse and a match box!  Thanks so much Denise….love those little lights you made on the large coaster…just adorable!

              thrift 010

Aren’t I lucky to have such wonderful new friends?


  1. The vintage camping stuff is darling! What nice friends you have! Love the clay pieces too. So sweet!!

  2. Looks like all you super-shoppers had a fabulous time! So sorry that I missed it. Hope to see you soon! Lilli

  3. Sweet friends sending another sweet person a your gifts....and your vintage finds on your previous post.

  4. I am wondering if the pricture in your banner is a fox print {R. Atkinson Fox}? I love them, collect them and have way too many.


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