Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Smart Tips Tuesdays

So what’s in your tool box?  Today’s post is a list of minimal items that should be in your tool box…be it in the home, your vintage trailer or your garage.  You will want to add to this depending on your needs. 

#1 THE TOOLBOX   Now here is your chance to think outside the box….sorry, I just had to…..rather than the sturdy metal or plastic variety, how about an old wood crate, an old metal lunch box, use your imagination, think wild….


            Add a little color……


Or not…..


#2 A Hammer  Chose a 16 oz. hammer for the best multipurpose use and you can remove a nail without marring the surface. 

#3 Utility knife  Works great for cutting carpet, wallpaper and other odds and ends.  Some store the blades in the handle.

#4 Pliers A basic rubber coated handle pliers works well for most things but my favorite are clamping type (vise grips).  They hold and can twist and turn, loosen, pull or grip anything. Needle nose pliers are almost great for small projects.

#5 A Tape Measure  For all all round use, get at least a 25 foot retractable with a stop.  It will be easy to read and won’t droop when pulled out a few feet. 


#6 Screwdrivers  Look for a ratchet style which will maintain steady pressure while twisting, with multiple bits.  (I have to say my power screwdriver is my top favorite but doesn’t fit into my toolbox…but then again, it’s always in use.) 

#7 Drill  Buying a light weight cordless unit with at least 12 volts is a nice tool to have but I make do with my cordless power screw driver and add drill bits.

#8 Small Level  A great tool for hanging frames, shelves and nick knacks. Add a sharp pencil too.

#9 A Scraper  Find one that is multipurpose, a roller cleaner (curve on one side) a sharp point on one end and you will be able to scrape off old paint, glue, caulk, etc. and even clean your roller.  I use it for everything. I would be lost without it.

        misc 010  This is the well worn version.

#10 A Paint Can Opener  Just the simple old bottle opener type…so handy…many use a screwdriver but that often ruins the lid or the screw driver (bits). If you don’t paint much, use the scraper as an opener. 

#11 A Box of Asst. Screws   This is a great starter kit, you can find them for every need…picture framing, repairs, etc.

                                  misc 009 

Here’s my ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’ vintage trailer toolbox.  It was a black vintage lunchbox.  How’s that for sass?


  1. I love your little blue toolbox. Thanks for these tips!
    xo, Cheryl

  2. What a perfect toolbox for Ms. Daisy! Thanks for sharing all these ideas. I love the one with the drawers:-)

  3. ces boites à outils sont superbes, j'ai un faible pour les rouges à la fois féminine et viril.
    belle journée

  4. Very sassy....but then I would expect nothing less from you!! Great post and great info for a DIY!!

  5. Very helpful information.....
    I love your sassy little lunch box!

  6. Miss Daisy has a lovely robin egg blue tool box, I am so into robin egg blue too.

    I have several tool boxes and they are loaded, just when I think I have everything I need I find I always need more TOOLS!

    HOPE you have a super fun weekend and cant wait to see the pictures.



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