Monday, October 17, 2011

Sisters on the Fly on the Spokane River

halloween..sotf 030 
When you combine, perfect Autumn days, a group of Sisters on the Fly and Halloween….what do you get?  A whole ton of fun….as in the SOTF motto..”We have more fun than anyone!”  And that we did…
    halloween..sotf 033 
We all camped in our vintage trailers on the Spokane River at Riverside State Park in Washington state.  It was overcast and it rained on Friday night but the next two days were beautiful, though very cold at night. 
                                   halloween..sotf 038 
          halloween..sotf 039 
  halloween..sotf 082  Just after I arrived with two other sisters, this adorable vintage Shasta arrived, towed by Cory…who as it turns out, follows my blog!  She saw me walking down the road with my dog Dash and she hollowed out….I know you (actually she recognized my dog)!  It was totally fun getting to know her and enjoying her two adorable dogs.  This was her first outing and she did just fabulous.  I believe this is a ‘66.
 halloween..sotf 052 
I just love this color combo…with a matching rig!  Francine did a super job of decorating too… 
       halloween..sotf 053 
                      halloween..sotf 055 
I think she likes Halloween!
                    halloween..sotf 054  
She’s even got the original icebox.
halloween..sotf 022
halloween..sotf 060 
halloween..sotf 062 
Nancy from Coulee Dam, had this adorable canned ham, with all the natural wood interior…just yummy!
 halloween..sotf 066 
The attention to deal was amazing! 
halloween..sotf 063 
Check out that corner cabinet!
 halloween..sotf 064 
Cowgirl Cute!
 halloween..sotf 067 
The door!
  halloween..sotf 068 
halloween..sotf 074 
Yep, that’s me..Driving Ms Daisy…dressed for Halloween.
 halloween..sotf 073 
halloween..sotf 007
halloween..sotf 071 
Here’s Linda modeling some square dance skirts that were donated to the sisters.  And here’s her Little Loafer trailer…
halloween..sotf 059
 halloween..sotf 089 
halloween..sotf 079 
This land yacht is a Kenskill owned by Tammy…with a fresh coat of paint and a totally vintage wood interior.
halloween..sotf 080 
halloween..sotf 081 
halloween..sotf 049
halloween..sotf 087 
This is Vicki with her Desert Daisy…we like the same colors.
halloween..sotf 085 
Look at the original stove, sink and countertops!!!  Love that color!
 halloween..sotf 086 
halloween..sotf 075 
Connie had a wonderful setup and a darling interior. 
halloween..sotf 098
And her friend, Ann Marie (her first time out, too) had the twin of my trailer!  First one I have seen.  She did a fabulous job on the interior…a beautiful salon.
 halloween..sotf 076 
halloween..sotf 100 
halloween..sotf 092 
This newbie came flying in on Saturday afternoon and stopped and introduced herself…Karen with a Bichon too….same names and same dogs!  I love her back porch and the fact that she drove in with the wind chime still intact, hanging on the top of her trailer!
 halloween..sotf 104  Our fearless hostess in costume for our Saturday night potluck (with more food than you would believe).  Thanks for coordinating such a wonderful weekend, Grace!
halloween..sotf 102
Here’s Nancy stepping back in time, as a hippie or is that a love child?
halloween..sotf 094 
Here’s Linda and Nancy of Prosser, showing off their new square dance skirts! 
That’s about it…there is a picture of me in rollers, a mud pack and an apron out there somewhere in cyber space…send it on, if you see it!  I don’t want any evidence!
halloween..sotf 057 
Dash was sulking on a square dance skirt…..I think he wanted to join the Halloween party, too.  He’s really glad to be home again with HIS ‘sisters’ (the chickens).
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  1. What fun! I cannot tell you how much I want to be part of this group!! I look all the time for a little trailer I can pull.
    Fun post!!!

  2. Glad you had a great time and the days were beautiful! Love all the fall pictures and your fun pictures too!

  3. OK, did we have FUN or WHAT????
    OMG! even the rain could not put a damper on our silliness.....
    I think a grand time was has by one & all & it's proof positive that "we have more fun then anyone!" lol!
    And the food!!! yummy X it always amazes me how a few women can throw out enough food of all different types, enough to feed any army, and preparing it inside a wee lil vintage trailer no less!... I dare any guy group to even try to equal our skills! lol!
    So glad Dashy~pooo had fun Glamping....
    Happy Trails!

  4.! Oh my gosh ....I want to be there! You girls know how to live.

    Your pictures are beautiful!

  5. Thanks for posting these pictures. I live vicariously through your travels. Hope I can join you girls one day.

  6. You Washington Sisters sure know how to have fun, especially when Gracie is in charge! Good for her! Love the theme you all had too. Thanks for the tour of all the darling trailers! Makes me want to get mine on the road having some fun! You are lucky to be able to bring your dogs on a Official SOTF trip. Don't tell Maurrie!


    You mentioned double yolks. I only got double yolks when the hens were maturing. Just BIG one's now!

  7. Looks like you had a great time. Love the pics of the trailers and your river shots show the fall in the air.

  8. This is not an official SOTF event. Those would be like the NW gathering. Thanks for mentioning that Mary Jane...I guess I should have mentioned that.
    Looking forward to big eggs everyday!! Most are on the small side..except for the whoppers.

  9. Wow that looks like a lot of fun! I loved the one with the turquoise stove and sink. Those little trailers look like such a blast to camp with. So cute to decorate. THanks for sharing at Mod Mix Monday!

  10. Hi I am Dawn. So nice to meet you and follow along. I am in the market for a small vintage trailer. Can you help me with a contact number name of someone who can help me find one like the adorable ones pictured. This is too fun. I am excited to see more adventures. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo found you at Nita's blog.


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