Sunday, November 20, 2011

Look what I won…..

               snow 002

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway, over at my dear blogging friend RosaMaria’s.   I was so excited to receive this lovely twine!  Isn’t it a fabulous color?  Perfect for all my natural look crafts! 

snow 001  RosaMaria is such a talented quilter and look at the paper crafts she makes.  So cute.  She lives near Guadalajara, Mexico and I just love visiting her blog, to see her fabulous photography and to reminisce over my many visits to her country.  She also has an adorable etsy shop….check it out if you have a minute. 


  1. Don't ya just love those giveaways??? I can remember a special one about a year ago....I won a lovely little Christmas quilt!!!!!!! Almost time to get that out again. Hope your week is a great one, Karen.


  2. Lucky you! I love to use jute and natural brown kraft paper for wrapping. I am eager to go check out her blog!!

  3. Congrats, Karen! I love to go to visit her blog through yours, too! You both have photography and beautiful creations I look forward to!

  4. You'll be having all kinds of fun with this jute. The little cards are so precious. Congratulations.

  5. Nice gift! It will come in handy with all the cool crafting you do.

    The pictures of the chickens in the snow are awesome. I miss my girls already...not to mention the fresh eggs.

  6. What a good looking gift....great color. I betcha you'll find some good uses for it..
    Happy thanksgiving...

  7. I'm so happy you finally have it!! you are to sweet and I so glad you was one of the winners!!

    have a wonderful week!

    ps. Love all those wooden rulers on the first photo!

  8. It feels so good to get something so unexpected. The twine is perfect for all those rustic creations. She is truly talented.

    I love your ruler tray!

    GOD bless you and keep you all saft this Thanksgiving holiday.

  9. Duh, I forgot to say the link is goofed up? It says the blog does not exist.


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