Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Stuff….

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I’ve been in a mood for some weeks now….a kind of funk.  Knowing I have inner work to do and doing everything I can to fight it off.  It’s a place I’d rather not go…

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It seems so pervasive, it sneaks into every part of my being.

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  It’s that many layered onion syndrome… 

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It seems like below each peeled layer, there is a more bruised and battered layer….a never ending cycle.

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What I want to find is a soft and beautiful layer.

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                     misc 016

A safe and comfortable place….

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There are so many roads, many twists and turns… I keep trying them.  They aren’t the answer, I know I have to go to my core…the very center…the hardest path.  I know in the end it will be worth it but just now….


I took some photos today, played with composition and posted them, in random order.  I started writing under the photos and suddenly realized my feelings fit the photos.  I just felt a need to express my inner feelings….I hope you can bare with me on this post.  


  1. Your photos are beautiful, and your words are familiar. Take care.

  2. Dear Karen, Your journey is not an easy one. How can we accept the past when it seems so senseless? Yes, a very difficult path for you! I believe fear sure holds us back in many ways. Reach for acceptance and don't be afraid! When you do-- you might be amazed-- how accepting the past (and being thankful it is gone!) will open you up to accepting yourself-- and then you may see-- that you are your OWN safe and beautiful place! You can care for and protect yourself better than any other can! BUT REMEMBER YOUR FRIENDS ARE ALWAYS HERE TO HELP!! Love, Lori

  3. Karen ...I am not much into self-help books but two that really stood out for me and I kind of consider them my bibles now are The Power of Now and A New Earth...both by Echert Tolle (sp?) They showed me the way to live in the be be aware of my thoughts...

  4. I can more than bear with you, I can relate completely.
    Your words and photos came together in perfect harmony.
    Blessings and prayer sent your way.

  5. Karen, inner work is easily masked and easily avoided by doing other things to keep us from thinking about things that need healing. It is better to do a little bit at a time and feel the pain of becoming what you desire rather than dread the entire process...your Roseville pottery is gorgeous....dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  6. Thinking of you....sending positive energy your way. If you ever need a listener, you know my number. Although our past helps to shape who we are, we cannot let it define us! I think you are beautiful inside and out!!!


  7. Ahhhhh, and I second the book selections....Eckhart Tolle is great! Read the Power of Now, for sure!!

  8. I think some call it the Winter blues. I start to feel the same way when I know my Summer was too short and I could use more fun in the sun. Hang in there. Maybe you should put your photography out there, elsewhere, somewhere. They are magnificant!

    Hugs, Gail

  9. Good luck on your journey sweet friend.
    : ) Kris

  10. I cant say I know what you are going through but when I get like that I withdraw inward to the place that is causing my funk in the first place. If there is something I can do to help other than pray for you let me know. I say, Grab Dash and the feathered gals, go get Miss Daisy out of storage, hop in her and come south to Ga. We can park her in my backyard, hook her up to the house and have a high-O time. Maybe this will get your mind off things for a bit but if you are like me, you need to work those things out first in order to feel better.

    Life can throw us curve balls even though we try to dodge them. My prayers are with you that the lord will lift your spirits and help you clear up the issues that are causing the mood.

    Praying for you.

  11. The New Earth was a big help to me too. I know I should have gotten so much more out of it, but the little I did has made an amazing difference in how I deal.

  12. i know the feeling!... btw, i love your "stuff" :)

  13. Karen, your journey is not a road taken by only a few.. Your work is beautiful and I wish you a reward at the end of your search.. You go girl with that farm girl spirit.. and take good care of you..Do something nice for deserve it.

  14. Good luck with your layers. Important journeys are often hard.

  15. Oh expressed yourself with your words and photos so perfectly....
    Keeping you always in my thoughts and prayers.

  16. Thinking of you sweet Karen. Here for you...go talk to the "girls". They can cheer ones heart.

    Love ya,


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