Saturday, November 19, 2011

Snow White

snow 025

We got our first decent snow and the light was just fantastic for photo taking.  My friend, Tammy over at….. asked me to take some photos of my girls in their first snow…

            snow 022 

All they wanted to do was hide behind my old railroad sign. 

      snow 032

Let’s just head over here….where there isn’t any of that white stuff…..(sorry, Amelia)…..

 snow 039

If you look closely you will see them trying to get back in the front door.

        snow 045 

Rosa won’t put her foot down.  


            snow 042 

Mommie has no problem…in her new boots from last Christmas!

 snow 049

It looks like they’re hatching the ‘Snow White Dance’…not like that Rosa….like this!


snow 048 

Soooo  cold!!! 

snow 052


They never did venture out very far…just enough to find dry land.  Earlier in the day they wouldn’t even come out of the coop….some progress. 


I hate the cold myself but did enjoy the beautiful views.


  1. Love those boots! I think I would stay in the coop myself, burrrrr! Stay warm and enjoy the white from inside! hugs!

  2. Your photos are full of smiles this morning. I love the dance lesson photo with the snow clinging to the chicken wire in the background. It does look awfully cold.

  3. OMG, you have got to get a video of this on put it on youtube of their new snow dance. They must have some Southern Belle in them as they are so prim and proper not wanting to muss up their manicure in that disgusting cold white stuff.

    I am grinning from ear to ear, these are such cute pictures. Reminds me when we had a cat and how he walked in the white stuff, so funny.

    I hope you will post some more later on. I dreamed I had 2 chickens last night and it was cold so I brought them inside to roost on the back of a chair. I so want some chickens but guess that will not happen.

    I adore your boots, now those are a fashion statement.

    Kiss the girls for me from their Auntie T, ... you do kiss your girls don't you? Just look at all the hard work they do laying those glorious eggs.

    God bless and keep you all safe and warm.

  4. What fabulous photos! I LOVE the one of the chicken manse, and coop, off alone in the snow! So pretty! You should frame that one. Poor girls. They will adjust I suppose.
    Are they still laying?
    Are you getting more in the Spring?
    Stay warm and cozy!!

  5. They are afraid of the snow?
    Your hens are just chicken!

  6. I love looking at your beautiful pictures, but right now I'm glad I'm living in Texas in my short sleeve shirt. I haven't turned our heat on this season...

    Those are mighty good looking boots!

    Your chickens are so cute, and I'd say smart too, since they want to go in their house, out of the snow.

  7. I can hear them now... " down the camera & let us in!"
    I can totally sympathise with them! lol!

  8. Well, it looks like Ole Man Winter has come to Washington to stay. Please don't send him East, least not yet!

  9. These photos are really lovely! We had our first snow today...its so transforming! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your nice comment about my front porch!

  10. The girls didn't seem very interested in the white stuff. lol Cute photos.

  11. such gorgeous boots!!!

    love all the photos with your girls and all that snow... must be so cold!


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