Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 1952


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My brother Brian and I (Karen) holding our homemade lamb and horse, wearing our handmade robes……a super long time ago!  (Brian died in 2002.)  My Mom could make anything and did….including my Dad’s suits.  We never called our parents by their first names, so I was surprised to notice the stockings. 

My parents bought this house when I was one, in 1947 (I was told later that the house was at least 75 years old then) and if you look close you will see some very large design floral wallpaper in the background of this picture.  I do love that Persian style carpet, though. Don’t I look like Princess Lea in that hairdo ?

This home was right in the heart of the University District (near the U of W) in Seattle.  When I grew up it was a small tight family neighborhood where kids could walk and play anywhere….’as long as you are home by dinner’!  The neighborhood consisted of a few small families, single older folks, a famous local artist and some college students.  I look back on those times and really can’t believe the freedom we all had at those young ages.  Never happen today!

What was your neighborhood like when you were little?


  1. What a sweet picture of you and your brother! I am so sorry you have lost your brother. So WA is where your roots began to spread out? You must have taken after your Mom, with your ever so handy abilities!!!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas!!!

  2. Looks like we're both in a nostalgic mood today! Cute picture of you and your brother. Thanx for posting that.

  3. aint't that the truth!..(life back then).

    'course being a former military brat, we never had roots and I so dreamed of the "Mayberry' life style...
    and now I have come full circle, and want to be a gyspy again! lol!

  4. Sweet photo!
    Blessings to you this new year!

  5. Love the sweet photo. You and your brother were so cute!!!
    Your childhood neighborhood sounds wonderful..

  6. This is such a sweet picture of you and your brother. The neighborhoods I grew up in were very much like yours, only here in California. It was normal for my parents not to see us all day, just as long as we came home for dinner. It was safe and they never had to worry.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


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