Saturday, December 10, 2011

December Swap

            card 002 


My dear friend, Sharon and I got together to make our Mary Jane’s Farmgirl swap card for the month of December.  Sharon suggested we make Christmas tree ornaments with some little wood cutouts, so we tried something different this time.


             card 004 

I just love ‘working’ with Sharon, in her studio, as she has years and years of accumulation of crafting supplies.  (That’s not the only reason!)  You name it, she’s got it.  It lets me creative some really fun and unusual items…so things sure turn out better than they normally would.  The above little bell is a broach.  

                  card 009 

And I just had to get some little wood chickens to decorate.  This one looks like an antelope with that ribbon up top.  I just added some paper and a bow…   

                  card 010 

Ok, I know this is weird, but I think the girls will like this on their tree in the Chicken Mansion.  A crown and an apron…perfect for my ladies!

                    card 014 

Look at this cute little collar, Sharon made for Dash!  He is going to look so Dashing…..sorry, about that…I just had to do that!  Thanks, Sharon! 

See you over at these parties…..

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


  1. I just love your cards and as always, envious of your pictures.

  2. Mercy me, your girls have a tree in their coop? Wow....spoiled little hens!! Love Dash's collar!!! Love the ornaments!!!!
    PS Thanks for your sweet words!!
    XO Kris

  3. Looks like you had a good time and love the tags. You have quite the crafting eye. May I ask what is that textured backdrop you have the tags laying on?

    The girls live in high style as so they should. They give you their best.

    Dash will look smashing in his collar, that is one cute accessory.

  4. The pleasure is all mine! Hope the collar fit Dash so he can wear it on Christmas Day. Take pictures ... I know you will.


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