Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Mini Break….

      kp 006 (640x480)

I am in the mood to snuggle up with my dog, Dash, on the sofa and make dishcloths….forget the decorating!  The house cleaning…..

     kp 002 (640x497)

I just don’t ‘feel’ the energy needed for all the other stuff.  When I make dishcloths, my hands are busy and my mind can just go blank!  (No snide remarks allowed!)  Sometimes it’s a great place to go! 


  1. Sounds good to me! I'm not doing much this month...going to give myself the luxury of time as a gift to myself. I love that yellow color btw...i want a yellow

  2. I think it is a great way to spend a day!

  3. Snuggling up with a little friend sounds like heaven to me! Happy relaxing, friend....the other stuff can wait!

  4. Those look pretty interesting to me. Today, in Arizona, it's cool and a good time to do such a thing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love your dish cloths with the sweet little stars....I do understand about needing time to let the mind go mind feels as though it's in a wind tunnel.

  6. I ditto that one Karen! Crocheting just melts me and I love it! The girls will have lots of dishcloths this Christmas! Happy crocheting my dear!


  7. I love your dish cloths....and it is okay to take a break, I just did for over a machines collected dust.

  8. I love your dish cloths....and it is okay to take a break, I just did for over a machines collected dust.

  9. I'm giving myself an entire day off today - not even getting out of my pj's! I'll have the knitting needles out makind dishcloths - just as soon as I finish reading blogs....well...I might not get to those dishcloths. : <>

  10. I am snuggled in this evening crocheting (another) ragrug... a much needed brain relaxer!

  11. Taking a break is good for the soul. I took one but it was not when I wanted or needed... I got hit with the cold virus. I guess I forgot to wash my hands when I was out and about.

    I hope you have a delightful break and just chill out.

    I love your washcloths, they are still going strong and colorful!

  12. Always good to take a day like that. Good for you.
    Rain here today and tonight, if this was snow we would be way under.
    Did a big grocery order today and some Christmas shoping and yes I got pretty wet, I was glad to get home.
    Lots of cute things on your etsy site.
    Nancy Jo

  13. I love your dishcloths, use them every single day!


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