Monday, January 16, 2012

The Chicken Mansion….from the outside

 clouds 002 

 This is home to my girls, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart and Rosa Parks.  They have free range, of approximately one acre of grass around my house.  And I was amazed when I originally let them out for their ‘walkabout’, they stayed in the one acre area.  I have a total of thirteen acres so they could have taken off…to parts unknown.  Thanks heavens, they didn’t.  (Nervous Mother Hen here.) 


             clouds 022  This is Amelia, she looks tough, acts tough….is tough….trying to give her love is a never ending, frustrating venture (but I keep trying).  She flew the coop early on….that’s what pilots do!  She totally lived up to the name I gave her.


 clouds 005 

I love this country, it looks dry and barren but it’s amazing what can be done in these parts.  Why we are even getting known for our wonderful vineyards. 


             clouds 016


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And here we have Rosa…on the left, and Eleanor.  Both of these sweethearts are very affectionate.  They stoop down and let me pet them, whenever we meet and I get to hold them….sometimes a few kisses are exchanged but you didn’t hear me say that!!


clouds 008

I do believe that saying….’This is God’s Country’…fits this place to a T!  (Don’t we all think that?)


  1. Your girls look great! I had one that flew too. She and her partner in crime went to live with my gardener. My girls now are doing great. I want more, but I hate to rock the boat too.
    Indeed you live in some beautiful country!!

  2. God's country indeed. Gorgeous! Rumor has it that Rosa, Amelia, and Eleanor have the best house in the neighborhood. It's no wonder they stay right where the belong.

  3. Those girls are no dummies! They know a good thing when they see it. As I drove to Farm Chicks I was thinking that it was pretty county up by you. I would love to have some acres but for now I will be content with what I have. I am working at that; be thankful, for that is all I need and not be greedy for that you want. Hugs!

  4. What a gorgeous piece of property you have...Love the girls house too..My chickens would be very jealous.

    Blessings Kelsie

  5. The hen house is perfect, I especially like Amelia, of course! Your part of the country is beautiful, that's the way I like it!
    Some day I'll have hens when we retire out west, sure looking forward to that.

  6. Yes, we all think we live in God's country and we do! And it shows a sense of contentment. That's good.

  7. Yep, I'd have to say we do all think that! Thank goodness God is so vast!

  8. Such grand ladies they are!
    Living in that fancy house makes me jealous.

  9. Great photography as always. Bet it looks a little different this morning tho!

  10. My Goodness I think I could live in that little house, how cute. The girls are very lucky. Nice pictures. Chicks are a look smarter then most people think.
    Nancy Jo

  11. I have a white one like that named Jenny and she is little miss independent, too! She likes to take off for the woods or the top of the wood pile.
    Looks like you are blessed in that beautiful place of yours! xo, Cheryl

  12. Your pics are perfect as always. Beautiful there no matter the season.

  13. I know I would be quite happy living there. They know they have it made the reason they stay so close, good food, home and lots of kisses.
    I see you all are getting some snow, hang on. let us know you are okay if you can.

  14. I love the names you gave your girls! How fitting! And that country is doesn't look barren..just looks like Winter to me! That's what Winter looks like when you don't have snow to cover it up! LOL!
    The picture of the trees all lined up could have been my front yard in Iowa when I had my "farmette"...except mine were pine trees. I heard once that the reason they planted trees in a row like that was not only for a windbreak but also each tree represented a member of the family and when they died the tree was cut down to make their casket. Not sure if that's true of not but the practical side of me said "great idea"!
    Your "mansion" is darling...did you build that yourself? I can't have chickens here even though there are no lights, curbs or sidewalks they think chickens are "farm" animals only and not allowed in the "city" limits...what city? LOL! Tell "the girls" I said Hi!

  15. New follower here. Love the vintage valentines, but it was your "girls" that caught my eye. My son has a harem as well.



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