Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dash Reporting….

  1. I suppose some of you might remember this post from last February...but for those of you who I thought I would repost this message from Dash…hope you all enjoy it.  might have missed it...her is Dash.

      dash 009 

Hi, Fans, remember me?  Dash here.  My Mommie, occasionally leaves her chair in front of that picture window thingie, (I think she calls it a computer) so I hopped up there to write a few lines to you.  I really don’t know why she likes to stare at it so much…..I prefer a window, myself.  It’s a really good way to keep an eye on my sisters, Eleanor R, Amelia E. and Rosa Parks, as they fertilize and dig up Mommie’s yard.  Best things in the world are right in your own back yard, I say.  And I always like to keep an eye out for those kitties that leave me treasures in the yard.  Please, don’t tell!

  dash 008

Mom insisted on taking pictures of me yesterday…..I just hate it.  I don’t know why she wants to do this.  I bet you can even see the smirk on my face!

 dash 012

I’d better get to the point, I’ve got poop to find!  I made Mom laugh a few times this week and I wanted to tell you how I did it… might want to try this at home, if are a little guy/gal, like me. 
She brought home some… oh, so sweet smelling bones this week and put them in the freezer.  She didn’t fool me, I ran and dragged my bone eating blankie to the kitchen, right where she lays it.  I startled her and she laughed when she saw I wanted one of those wonderful frozen goodies!  (I’m a fast learner!)

         dash 014

Since that worked so well, I grabbed my blankie again, last night, after she opened that freezer…..again.  I’ve got a great nose, don’t I?

  dash 016 

But she wasn’t going to go for it!  She said I’d already had one yesterday!  So what?  Sheesh…..I just had to give her the look……….yep, you know the one!  I mean, who could resist that look, right?
Have a great week, chewing the bone!


  1. What a cutie and still I am like a broken record, your picture are so amazing.

  2. I get a smile when I just read the title..Dash Reporting...and the post makes me lol! I don't know how people live without a just wouldn't be the same...xoxo

  3. Oh that nose, who could resist giving in to any treat! Dash is very good at reporting, he needs to give Jazi lessons! I spied that lime green blanket, yes, another thing in common! Hugs to Dash this morning!!

  4. Dear Dash,
    You can't tell me that you don't like having your picture taken. You must love it, otherwise you wouldn't be smiling so nice and looking so darn cute all the time. I think the "look" is working for you.

  5. Well, if he isn't THE cutest and what a personality! I did see him "smirking" although I thought it was a sweet smile. Is that a crocheted collar you made him? That would be nice...something you can wash and softer against their neck. I may have to try that. His looks like a little bow tie. And his "blankie" I imagine you crocheted that too? You're a whiz! I've always had big dogs but now I have my big girl Nitty (Rottweiller) and little Orphan Annie (found her by the side of the road 2 years ago almost a goner!). They are as different as night and day in looks and personality. Nitty is more laid back while the little one seems to be a little "needier" but then again who knows what she went through before. She's realized now though that she's here to stay and is "relaxing" more.
    What would we do without these wonderful creatures that add so much to our lives? Give him a big hug from me and another bone! LOL! Oh, and tell him Nitty and Annie said hello!

  6. How could you refuse that sweet face a second bone.... shame on you... My heart would have melted on the floor. Dash is one handsome cute furryone.

    I see you knitted him a blanket and why not...

  7. Oh Dash, you handsome fellow you!!! I say you deserve a bone a day, for sure!!! Tell you Mommie hi for me!!

  8. Well, could Mommy or any one else for that matter ignore those pleading eyes of yours?? You are absolutely the cutest little white ball of fluff ever. You take good care of your Mommy, ok? Cause I can tell she sure takes good care of you.

    Furry hugs,

  9. Dash Dahling..... how do you keep your face so clean?


  10. What a sweet little doggie...I bet you just love him!

  11. Well that certainly left a smile on my face!!!

    Thanks..... (still smiling)

  12. Ahh, sweet lil Dashy~poo,,, you can come over here anytime.
    Uncle Gary & I will give ya bones anytime you want....
    ummm, just don't tell our kitties! lol!

  13. He is adorable Karen! And those eyes....! Glad Dash made a report! Cute as a button!

  14. Shame on your mama, Dash. I don't know how she could resist that adorable face.

    Such sweet pictures!!

  15. I remember these adorable pictures of Dash. I sure hope he finally got another bone treat for being such a loyal friend:-)

  16. Oh my...Dash is a heart stealer! Such a cute post!

  17. such a cutie...isn't it amazing how these four legged creatures can steal our hearts!


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