Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Foggy Morn….

 chaps 019

We got some sun….it didn’t last long but with the fog….

 chaps 021

well, it was just gorgeous….

  chaps 020


   chaps 022

I just had to get every second of it….

     chaps 024

Such a beautiful world…..I live in. 

             Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!


  1. It is beautiful! Is it starting to
    warm up there?
    Happy V'Day!

  2. How beautiful! I'm sure you enjoyed even the peak of sun through the fog! What kind of camera did you use? I'm still on the search for a new one. Give that Valentine's of yours a hung and treat today! Higs!!

  3. Wow....great pictures, Karen!!!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and to Dash, too....oh and to your lovely hens, also.

  4. Yes it sure looks pretty there! Happy Valentines Day Karen!

  5. OMG! You posted this four hours ago. Did you get any sleep at all last night? The pictures are amazing as always.

  6. Oh, Karen, you've just made my day!
    Thank you so much!

  7. It is foggy but it certainly is beautiful! Happy V Day!

  8. It really is amazing. You're so fortunate to be surrounded by so much land and beauty. Love your pictures.

  9. I don't like driving in fog, but I love looking at your beautiful pictures of the fog.

  10. Morning fog is so interesting - sometimes a layer about a foot deep along the road and fields, sometimes a bump 30-50 feet - like a mackerel sky on the ground.

  11. OH MY! these are outstanding photos, you captured the fog perfectly. Looks like a fresh Spring morning.


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