Friday, February 24, 2012

You May Have Noticed…


I haven’t been too talkative….or posted much lately.  I have so many things going on…most are emotional but then there is all that physical stuff that needs done, too.  I bought a new rig and since it is replacing a car and a truck, lots of prep work, cleaning, fact finding, ads to get ready, emails to answer, and being transported back and forth with the new rig….for the add ons.  Yes, I got goodies! I mean why wouldn’t’s a girl thing….bling!!!!


Of course, I am having fun but three trips into the big town, in one day to get my rig done….ohhhh….I am so done with travel!  The new rig…with XM satellite radio, the rear view camera, the new remote start, the heated seats…divine….did I say divine?…YESSSS! I stuck with my favorite rigs….Toyota and got a 2012 Highlander, it will haul my little vintage trailer and I can do it in style.  I am loving this. Can’t you see me backing her up to the hitch…..with a camera, no less?  I can’t wait to do the thing I hated the most….come on, it took me at least a dozen times….I WILL NOT TELL THE TRUTH…HERE….

A country girl can live it up….right?

I am feeling a bit embarrassed….I feel guilty indulging in something so decadent….it’s like chocolate with a bottle of wine…an overdose of good stuff!  I just don’t think I deserve this….wait a minute I paid for this….hummm.  Maybe I should think about deserving….a bit more.


  1. Of course you deserve it!
    It's a beaute too!

  2. Girlfriend,,,, You Soooo deserve this! Now go eat your choclate & enjoy your wine... wait can I have some too? lol!

    Karen's gone, "Pimp My Ride" on us!lol!

  3. Why of course you deserve it!!! I wish you safe travels!!! And easy back ups, and hitching the ol vintage gal with ease for your Glamping Trips!!!
    I ADORE my seat warmers, and we are no where near as cold as where you are!!! I have a Yukon Denali and I love it!!!!
    Happy New Car!!!

  4. awesome! You go girl.

    I know it is a lot of work. we need to replace our 1996 dodge caravan.
    200,000 miles on it, and things keep going wrong now.
    Researching cars and figuring out what you want is a lot of work!!

    Glad the work part is over for you, and you can just ENJOY!!

    barbara jean

  5. I hope that what is going on is not too troubling, Needs a bit of prayer? I will keep you in my prayers.

    LOVE your new ride, its feels good to get that new car smell. The camera will sure come in handy and Miss Daisy will look awesome being carried in such style.

    Hubby just got a new ride too and it has all those bells too. The camera... hard to get use to that one and NO key! just keep that hunky contraption on your person somewhere and push the button.

    Congrats gal, now go eat some chocolate!

  6. From someone who has ridden shotgun ... its a fabulous ride and you deserve everything good that comes your way. You worked hard for it girlfriend. Time to enjoy retirement and live it up!

  7. Don't feel guilty. Let anyone who thinks so just eat their heart out!


  8. There is nothing like the feeling of driving a new car or truck and if you take care of them and keep them for awhile they are worth every penny! As far as the deserving part....if not now..when? is my motto! Have fun..

  9. Good for you!!! You do deserve it!....and besides, life is short...enjoy it!

  10. an overdose of good stuff? there is not such thing! enjoy every moment... you desrve all the good stuff :)


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