Monday, March 5, 2012


I’ve been following many interesting blogs, for several years and I love them all!  Today, I wanted to feature my MaryJane Farmgirl friend and fellow blogger, Bev over at Bee Haven Acres.  If you haven’t visited her 200 year old farm, you are in for a treat!  This is one farmgirl extraordinaire!  She keeps lovely gardens, with tons of fresh veggies, cans them and spreads a mean table!  But maybe, the best part….is her love of animals….and she has lots of them!  Chickens, turkeys, goats, miniature horses, full size horses, ducks, pigs (adorable Maryann and Ginger) and some mini donkeys coming soon….maybe, even today.

Just click on this button and it will take you to her beautiful farm.  She is also a fabulous photographer and entertaining writer.


I believe this guy loves his ‘Ritz’!  I love that face!


Bev has really fun names for her chickens; that’s where I got the idea for my girls’ names, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Amelia Earhart.  Thanks to Bev, I got chickens, and I don’t have a clue, what I would do without them.  Stop by and say ‘hi’ to Bev, if you’ve got the time.  It will be well worth it.


  1. I so enjoy Bev's blog and her blog is how I found you! To tell the truth Bev is the one who convinced me to start my own blog. Oh how I would love to have her farm but also look at all the work she does. I think she is the number one energizer bunny! Have you seen all the pictures of the minis? Love at first sight! Hey,how about a trip to PA??? Hope you have a great week!

  2. Ok I am blushing and also feeling quite undeserving of all your kind words. Thank you. As for visiting PA....come on over...the guest house is available any time...and you can also stay in the farmhouse if you like!! But I warn you....all visitors are put to work. You've gotta earn those big breakfasts!! Love ya are the sweetest!!!

  3. LOL....and it's a bit funny that you are sending blog traffic my way on a day when I mention peeing my pants!!!

  4. I stopped by Bev's for a visit to the farm. What a fun place! Adorable pictures too.

  5. Yep, both you & Bev, besides being 2 of my most beautiful friends,,,, have hands down the most wonderful blogs.... you both write & photograph life with a delightful sence of humor and compassion for life!

  6. Well, I'll have to head on over...especially when Beverly mentions in her comment above about peeing her pants. :)
    Farm gals are the best!

  7. I am heading straight over!!!

  8. I've got to head over to Bev's blog to read about 'peeing in her pants'....
    beautiful farm animals!

  9. nice farm she has! love that goat, great photo!

  10. I love stopping in at Bev's blog to see what her critters have been up too.


  11. you have the sweetest photos!!

    keep em coming


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