Friday, April 27, 2012

Barn Love….


I spent a very enjoyable Sunday with a camera, capturing an endearing barn.  Yep, I couldn’t help myself…I just love these old places.  I ponder the many activities that may have taken place, here on the top of a lonely mesa.

     joseph 010 (2) 

 joseph 023


         joseph 028

Across the mesa… 

joseph 034

Now that is one really huge bird’s nest! 

joseph 032


I feel like I am in the real Old West…


  joseph 029  

joseph 024

I love this detail…that red…isn’t it delicious?

joseph 030

How’s this for rusty wire?

 joseph 035






  1. You my dare have an eye for photos. Great shots! You do know you could be selling prints. Yes, truly "Barn Love"!

  2. OOPS can't spell "my dear" or should I say can't proof read also!

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely, something about old romantic!


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