Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Barn

            joseph 009

I headed down to Joseph, Oregon, on Sunday and it wasn’t long before we (my friend, Bonnie and I) had to stop for some picture taking.  

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joseph 013


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I loved this old barn…I just couldn’t stop taking pictures…so many beautiful scenes!  It was a full 360 view off this mesa!


        joseph 019 

joseph 025


             joseph 031 


    joseph 021 

If you can stand it, I will post more tomorrow…


  joseph 039


  1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing. We don't have these kind of barns in our area. We are expecting rain but not sure it will get here.

  2. I love these pictures Karen and will be pinning a few. So much character and so happy to see them still standing.

  3. I LOVE old barns! I also love how the architecture of them is so different region to region. The Midwest barns are so different from the ones down here in the South. You won't bore me! Bring it on!

  4. I love old barns.We have many around here.When I get my new camera I think I may practice and shoot some photos.I love the photos you took.How fun to get a closer look.

  5. WOW, your pictures are amazing! I have such a love for old barns. My calendar here at work is Barns. Please post more, pretty pleaseeeeee!

  6. What a magnificent barn. I can just see your eyes light up when it came into view. Thanx for posting.

  7. Fantastic barn!!! Old barns are so interesting aren't they.... Lovely.. Glad to have found you..

  8. Many Thanks ...It's so cute and lovely
    It's a dream for me


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