Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More of The Perfect Sisters Weekend

  sotf 075

Now this is a really beautiful trailer in pristine condition….a Rod and Reel….1953.

             sotf 078

Great attention to deal!

 sotf 079

Look how Jane painted the propane light fixture!  A bobber, a hook and worm!  Too clever!

 sotf 082

And what do you think of this fantastic fireplace?  I want one!

  sotf 081

sotf 094 

sotf 088

This little treasure packs a lot in a very tiny space.

 sotf 085 

sotf 087 

 sotf 106

It was a crazy weather day, rain, sun, gusty winds but we never got driven inside…. 

sotf 108 

sotf 090 

Sorry to say, my battery ran down so I don’t have interior pictures of some of the trailers.  Each one was just adorable in it’s own way.

 sotf 091 

sotf 114


sotf 110 

 sotf 118 

Right behind my trailer.

  sotf 119 

 sotf 129 

Not a great shot but I had never seen anything like this before.  Looks like two sets of parents and all their little ones.

 sotf 132 

sotf 164

I got to follow this fun trailer on the way home….after I got lost!  Ha!

sotf 140

sotf 154

It was a wonderful weather day…great for taking photos.

 sotf 141

sotf 160 

sotf 073 

sotf 168 

sotf 167

Isn’t this curtain made of hankies…adorable?  I also love the step she uses here. 

sotf 166


sotf 165


sotf 170


Who has more fun than Sisters on the Fly?

I’m going on over here and check out some cute Etsy shops.

Check out this party…..


  1. Thanks for the pictures. They are all so adorable. The little ones were so cute. Sorry about your battery. I'm sure you all had a fabulous time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW, that is so cool!!! I'm impressed with the photos and how you gals just go out and have FUN! Love how each trailer is unique!
    I enjoyed your "outing" with you!

  3. Oh be still my heart. I loved all your photos of the trailer. But those baby hookers as I call them are so cute. I would have been entertained just watching them.

    Your photos; I want a vintage trailer even more. We will see what this weekend holds. If not I must be content with what I have. I at least get out and camp!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Love your pictures, you ladies are just so creative....

  5. As always, luv ur photos, especially the sweet little rainbows... hugz

  6. Oh how you make us all want to be Sisters on The Fly!!! Those trailers are absolutely wonderful!!!!! Great shots. Love the little ducklings!!!

  7. Hi Karen, I love the caravans they are so sweet, and all so pretty inside, what a great time you had. We have a caravan which is getting on a bit but not as old as these beauties, there is nothing like caravanning it is so peaceful and while Tony fishes I sew, thank you for all the lovely pictures. Jill

  8. Oh my gosh....the scenery and your pictures is so gorgeous...almost make s me want to move up north....

    I love the individuality of each trailer...I want one!


  9. Lovely lovely trailers - wallowing in the eye candy!

    Maybe one day....me too?!

  10. I have a 1957 Nomad that is oxidized and I want to do some painting on it, do you have any suggestions. I love the pictures you posted, I have got to get out this summer and glamp, I just gota.

  11. I have a 1957 Nomad and I finished the inside now I want to paint the outside but it has a bad case of oxidation, do I need to remove the oxidation before I paint? I loved your pictures you posted, I love your blog. I have made a promise to myself that I am going glamping this summer, I have just gota do that.

  12. What part of the country was this? Beautiful pix.


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