Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby Arrived….

Yes, I do indeed have a new baby, well, not the one you might have been expecting….  Heeheee.  Not my daughter, Tracy’s, who is not due until the end of the month. Since she is having another wonderful son…I just had to tell you about my recent acquisition….a girl!  Yes, I have a sweet baby girl, born on Christmas day, 2011.  My dear friend, Carolyn, who is a fellow glamper, in the Sisters on the Fly, brought this little sweetheart along on our Farm Chicks/Sisters on the Fly weekend, at Riverside State Park, here in Spokane, WA.  (Thanks, Carolyn…she loves the run.)

              farmchicks 009

Now I hear what you are saying……is she homely or what?  This little sweetheart is so soft and fluffy and so friendly…I am so lucky to have a replacement for my Rosa…well, no one can replace her…ever.  I mean don’t you just want to mother this little unfortunate? 

                 farmchicks 013

She’s a mixed breed, I see some of Rosa in her, the Black Sex link, but aren’t those leg feathers, something.  And no tail feathers.  I tried introducing her and the girls, Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt. They are not in the least happy.  Can you blame them? 

This morning, early on I added her to the coop when they were sleeping and I caught Eleanor trying to peck her neck not much later…she even had her cornered.  Bummer.

This afternoon she is out in the run and the others are in the yard, doing a ‘walk about’.  Not sure what to do tomorrow.

But I named her…..can you guess?

farmchicks 011


  1. First thought was Angel but then hummm, women of history. Lets see, Oprah possibly, maybe Lady Jane Grey. Oh I give up and will wait until you tell us!!! Hope you are feeling better!!!

  2. Michelle Obama. Republicans are always picking on her

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  4. I was going to say Michelle Obama too but some one said it already so let's see....famous women in history....Annie Oakley? Or since she has those fancy leg feathers....Gypsy Rose Lee?

  5. I was thinking Eartha Kitt. Dark and sultry.

  6. Minny Jackson, the "sassy" maid from the movie THE HELP seems fitting!!!

  7. Karen your new little girl is adorable and I hope the other two will except her. Can't wait to hear her name! So sorry about Rosa.

    Looks like you have been having a wonderful time traveling! How blessed you are to have made that beautiful trip! LOVE the pictures! You have a great camera.

    Loving all your campouts with the girls! You have a wonderful bunch up there in WA! How fun for Gracie to host a overnighter! She she has the room!


  8. I thought for sure the baby had arrived (grand child)... you fooled us, you stinker.
    She is a big pitiful looking.... I hope the girls accept her without too much pecking and bantering.
    I give up on the name......

  9. I sure hope those girls let her join the party soon.


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