Thursday, June 7, 2012

On the Street in Athens

                      Italy 142

As many of you already know, I am fascinated by doors.  I love the size, the textures, the designs and definitely the colors.  But rust….hear me roar!!!

                Italy 144

So this post is all about the doors, windows and shutters of Athens…I fell in love with so many…I stopped counting.

               Italy 152

Just a tiny courtyard, between buildings…love the chair and that broom.  There is something to photograph, everywhere you turn. 

Italy 145

Dereliction and renewal…side by side.

 Italy 148

I really have never seen so much graffiti, as I did in Athens.  They’re almost always talented artists…but sometimes real art reflects life.  In all these counties I came for the art, I never got my fill….I can never get enough. This was trip to a world I have always adored, it was never even in my dreams…. How lucky am I?

        Italy 149

I am was thrilled by the scroll work in the veranda but even more amazed by the graffiti below….how it seems to mirror the art….or is it art?

            Italy 139

No, this is not ‘10 Downing Street’ but don’t you just love that door?  Peeling paint, rust and more!

   Italy 161


      Italy 153

Hey, did you get yourself a cup of joe? Well, you’d better…this is a long post…I’ve got more pictures for you, so get moving!

       Italy 157

Now you’re thinking, we are all over the city, NOT, we haven’t even walked three blocks…remember we are talking old ladies here!  The architecture is so stunningly, amazing we can hardly walk….well, that is not really true, my friend, Sharon, managed to get lost in a one block radius, right on the first day off the ship!  Well, ok, she was just on the other side of a brick wall….but how was I to know?  I am in a foreign country!!! 

         Italy 156

Simply beautiful architecture, everywhere you look!


              Italy 168

Yes, this lovely church was right in the middle of all these sweet little homes. 

Had enough yet?

Italy 171


Italy 174

I have, I am still in jet lag….thanks, for your patience with all my dribble!  Hope you saw something that made you want to see Greece one day…







  1. Please, please keep sharing. I love your pictures, I so want to go to Greece.

  2. Oh ... and here I thought it was you who was lost!!

  3. So unique. Thanks for sharing as I have no desire to travel out of the good old U.S.A. Can't wait to see more. Hope the jet lag is getting better by now.

  4. I had to chuckle, because when I was in Italy, I too was enthralled with doors and windows. I have hundreds of photos of doors and windows and architecture that amazed me at every turn. I am loving your photos! How is the new chickie doing?

  5. Please keep sharing your photos. I'm in love with the doors!

  6. Wow, you captured so many wonderful shots of the beautiful architecture .....I love the windows and doors!!!

  7. Exquisite photos. Love the old rusty rails and doors. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure. Get some rest.

  8. Beautiful. I would love to! My daughter has been so many times with work that they know her.
    Thanks for the photos! xo, Cheryl

  9. Old doors, windows, and some rust mixed in....beautiful photos!


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