Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Italy 058 

There was no lack of beautiful scenes all around us.  I took over 750 pictures on this trip through the Mediterranean and I could have taken many more. 

 Italy 079

There was so much to see in Athens but since we were on our own we just headed to the Acropolis….and when you see it you will understand why that was enough for one day.

        Italy 076

              Italy 081

Yes, we climbed way up there!

                        Italy 090

But along the way, we found many ‘little’ treasures.  This appeared to be a little child’s chair…can you see the little owl on the arm?

                                        Italy 088


Italy 093


                     Italy 097

I was amazed that this beautiful scroll work.

Italy 096

Restoration work is constant. 

Italy 109


Italy 111

And I recognized this as they concert venue that Yanni used.  Another beautiful structure on the way to the top.

Italy 138


Italy 119

Italy 114

The white sections have been replaced for support.  It was difficult to get nice pictures with all of the scaffolding.

Italy 123


Italy 124


Italy 132

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Sharon and I loved every minute of our adventure in Athens! 

Italy 134


Italy 135

Fantastic detail!

Italy 129

This is back where we started (pillars), looking down from the Acropolis.  Behind the green space is the old Olympic Stadium.

This post is so long but I have lots more of Athens to share….so how about tomorrow?

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  1. Tomorrow it is! I can't wait. I loved this post. I am a nut for history, and am just awestruck at the detail and beauty in these pieces. That child's chair is amazing!!!
    : ) Kris

  2. I just love the pictures. How wonderful that you could be there!I would love to see all the things you have seen. You sure will be able to make up a great scrapbook.Did you happen to save tickets and other paper treasures? Well anyway that is some trip. Thanks for showing all the pictures, well you know some of them.
    Nancy Jo

  3. Beautiful pictures! I was there in 2002 and would love to go back! It is brathtaking and to know how old are the structures are is mind blowing. Thanks for taking me back there with your wonderful pictures...now I have to go find my own photos and revisit my trip!

  4. That all looks familiar. Happy that we took so many photos and climbed to the top. It was well worth the effort.

  5. Amazing...the history, the beauty! What an incredible adventure.

  6. It is always amazes me the architecture so long ago...how did they ever do those things? If you and Sharon ever do a road trip in USA and want an extra person who is totally compatible Ha! let me know...there is so much to see! xo

  7. Wow, it is hard to imagine these structures being built so very very long ago, and with such crude tools....a testament to the human creative spirit! How I hope to see this myself some day!

  8. I had watched a special on PBS on the restoration and it was interesting. I guess they had let it go and people had done damage too. It must be the climate that allowed it to remain as good as it has after all this time.
    I have a fear of heights so I would stayed below! LOL!

  9. Oh Karen, I loved seeing this again through your beautiful pictures!!!


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