Monday, June 11, 2012

Chicken Wings

                                 maya 007

You just have to feel sorry for this little sweetie….I mean come on, she just isn’t the prettiest wing on the block.  As a matter of fact, Maya Angelou, (yes, I did name her) is not even very popular, right now.  You see her sisters are not very happy with her. 

  maya 003 

They loved the peaceful, tranquil place, they called home….The Chicken Mansion.

         maya 018

And Maya was just trying to discover it’s best features….good grub, greens and a lovely white palace interior!  However…… 

  maya 006

Things got a little scary!  Maya is ok, folks, really……yes, it scared me too.  I mean, I was right there and Eleanor is just too worried about losing her #2 rating….she had to do this!

     maya 004

They did better today…..

        maya 027 

But it’s still raining here…..

                  maya 022 

A double rainbow and a complete….

          maya 026


  1. Pecking order can be brutal sometimes. Hopefully, it has improved. Those are beautiful photos. We sure could use some of that rain here in Arizona. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  2. Love your chickens.... Girls can be mean... Ha ha, glad she's ok... Love the photos, and the Rainbow... wow.
    Have a great day.

  3. My new babies have been in with the older girls for a couple days now. They're learning the pecking order too. Love the double rainbow. Hope you get sunshine soon.

  4. I hope Maya settles in okay, and the other two girls accept her. That pecking order is awful!!
    Loved the rainbows!!!!

  5. Hopefully they will get along soon. All my babies have been in with the big girls now and things have settled down nicely. I have one hen who is broody and got six fertilized eggs from a friend and she is now happily sitting on the eggs. I should have babies in about 19 days. I'll post the progress. Have a great day.


  6. I like the name you choose for your little darling. Now you just have to have a talk with the other girls about behavior. Hopefully soon there will be peace in the hen house.

  7. I so hope the girls will open up and allow Maya to be part of their group or auntie Tammy may just have to tell Santa... but hey, I think Santa already knows.
    Maya is somekinda' cute gal and with all your good love and care she will blossom.

    That is one awesome rainbow!


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