Friday, June 8, 2012

Sisters on the Fly/Farm Chicks Weekend


Does this group look like they are having fun or what?  This is just a small group of the wonderful Sisters on the Fly, (over 35 of them, vintage trailers and all) that came to Riverside State Park, here in Spokane, WA, for Farm Chicks weekend.  We had a blast on our dress up night…petticoats were welcome!


Our two camp coordinators, Grace, on the left and Juli, on the right.  Thanks so much, for working so hard to make this such a fun weekend!!! You both rock!


I borrowed all these pictures, I was camera weary after my trip abroad.  Here I am (on the left) with one of our newest sisters on her first trip with us, June (also known as Junebug). 


We were very fortunate to have Paulette, also a Sister, entertain us on Saturday, after formal dress up night.  She even gave us some Tribal dance lessons….as you can see we had a ball!   



Believe me this is hard work!!  Ha!



farmchicks 008

Getting into Jammy attire….

 farmchicks 006 

We even decorate for dinner! Thanks, Juli, for the fabulous flowers!

 farmchicks 001

Since this was an unofficial Sisters weekend, I got to bring Dash….it’s a good thing, since I had been gone for two weeks!  I am so glad I came even with the jet lag and my cold.  It was such a fun time at a fantastic location!

The 36th AVENUE


  1. Giddyup! You need to find a good pair o' cowboy shit-kickin' boots girl. Wahooo!

  2. They all look fabulous. I'm so glad you went and were able to take your little one with you. It looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  3. What fun we did have and yeah, we finally got to meet. I look forward to seeing you again at many Sister outing.

    We do have more fun then anyone!!

  4. I know I say this every time...but oh how I would love to join you on these trips!!! Such fun!!!!
    Hope you are feeling better by now!

  5. You gals are such a hoot!! I love it! I am so glad that Junebug joined your group. She is a sweetie pie!!

  6. That looks like so much fun! Makes me want to get a little trailer.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. You girls sure know how to have a good time.....the dress up party looks like so much fun and everyone looks smashing!!

  8. We did have fun, didn't we? :>)

  9. Beautiful inspiration!! I just fall in love with each trailer. Can never pick a favorite!


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