Monday, June 18, 2012


Today I am taking you to Herculaneum in Italy.  I borrowed this ‘copy’ from Sharon’s post…she did such a great job.  Thanks, kiddo.  You can visit her blog here  she has some wonderful photos!

Legend says that Herculaneum was founded by Hercules. The historical facts tell us that it was buried under rivers of volcanic mud one fateful day in A.D. 79 after the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Seeping into the cracks of virtually every building, the scalding mud preserved the timbers of hundreds of structures that would otherwise have rotted during the normal course of time.” 


  Italy 390 

Italy 394


This green area was at sea level in 79 AD and this is where some of the preserved bodies were found…huddled together in the grottos.


      Italy 399 

        Italy 403 

Beautiful frescos!


 Italy 401


 Italy 406

An ancient fast food restaurant.

 Italy 411

This fresco is in atrium of a home, including a fountain with the tiniest tiles.

Italy 409 

Italy 417

Here is the second level of a home….this is where the slaves lived.

 Italy 419

Some vessels in a shop…so perfectly preserved!

 Italy 422

Astounding beauty…this is little tiny tiles.

Italy 427

Each tile is probably half the size of your eye teeth.  Very very tiny!


 Italy 433 

 Italy 434

Italy 439

This was part of a large spa.

Italy 430

See the little cubby holes for clothes?

 Italy 443

Archeologists found seeds here and replanted the exact fruit trees, that were originally found here.  Amazing…I like it when the puzzle piece fits. 

Thanks for visiting with me, next is Florence,but only after I head out for another Sisters on the Fly trip…it’s to Sisters, Oregon, for the NW gathering…over 100 sisters…I can’t wait to share pictures….oh, my which will I show first…Italy or Sisters?  


  1. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Have a great time on you outing. I hope the rain has subsided somewhat. We have yet to get any rain. We did have a round of dust & wind though.

  2. Wow, what a find...and to be able to walk through something that is so very old....amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  3. And to think I passed up a trip to Italy this Fall, darn>

    You better take lots of pictures from the NW outing. I'm still sad I'm not going!!!!!!!!!!!! I already know the fun I'm missing!

  4. I didn't know I wanted to go to Herculaneum I can't wait. What a site! thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you Karen for the wonderful trip. I lived in Naples when I was young and my Father was stationed there. Love the tour you just tooks on, fantastic.

  6. Wowie!!! It is hard to even imagine it!!!!

  7. I took an Archaeology class a few years back and learned about this fascinating town. Thanks for the lovely pictures!

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