Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things Are Cooling Down

tote 001

Maxwell is now 6 weeks old and growing strong.  He is trying to hold his head up to see everything.  I love his little gray outfit.  


             tote 015

And big brother, Grayson (3), isn’t really into picture taking….although he took a few of his own while he stayed with me this weekend.  He always loves to visit with Dash and the girls, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart and Maya Angelou. 

                   tote 010

Dash would like to help him finish his meal!

We got some hard rain in the last two days, thunder storms and the temps are going down into the mid 70’s during the day.  It was 51 when I got up this morning!

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  1. Those are two very handsome boys!!!! Well, three if you count Dash!!!
    I envy your cooler temps! We are still in triple digits and it is awful!!!
    Have a lovely day!!

  2. Grand~kiddos,,, we love ours!
    Yep, the rain was a nice respite from the heat...however,,,this glamperette forgot to shut the vents in her trailers... yikes! so i had the room heaters going in each one to make sure everything dried damage,,,just a light damp bed spread in #3 and a slight wet counter in the Scotty. But we'll be ready for Glamping this weekend.. Wagons HO & see ya on Friday.. :>)

  3. Grand kids are the best! Your two little guys are so cute and look how Maxwell is growing! Oh yes, we must not forget adorable Dash!

    Have fun camping this weekend, here's a little sigh, ahhh, for I wish I was with you gals!

  4. Your boys are sure growing! Maxwell looks like he is ready to walk.

    GOD bless and keep your family safe.

  5. Sooooo are so lucky!

  6. They are so precious Karen, I'm sure Grayson enjoyed his Grandma time. Before you know it they'll both be chasing the girls around.

  7. 51 degrees.... wow a cold front for us in Texas.

    Your grandson's are so adorable!!! I love the picture with Dash wanting Grayson's lunch.... so cute!!

  8. Your grandchildren are very handsome little boys xx

  9. Maxwell is so handsome!! and of course, you know I think Grayson is just the cutest ever...with that beautiful head of curly hair!! So glad you had some time with these two precious little men.

  10. Hi Karen,
    What little cutie pies. And all those curls!! Just too cute.
    All your pictures are so pretty and your flowers. And such a pretty tote bag for your giveaway. I know how nice they are because I have one!
    Nancy Jo


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