Wednesday, October 3, 2012


                the boys 002 

These days are unmatched…each sunrise and sunset is more beautiful than the last.  Doors that open to a new day bring so many new surprises …..

I am always looking to open new doors…I’ve done a lot of that this summer.

        the door 005

So, I have to tell you, I got a new (old) door…and I am so excited… this one is a little worst for the wear but it is so much better, than a hollow core door (yes, it was!).  (There’s on on the bathroom, too. )

Can you see the Canadian leaf design where the old hinges must have been?  I found this door in the attic and for some reason, I had the matching door knob and back plate.  Do you think I took it off at some prior point and forgot about it?  If I did, aren’t I lucky to have found it, again? 

I am thinking that this remodel is starting to go back in time…I am replacing the modern changes with the old.  Isn’t that backwards?  Well, I guess…maybe that is the way it should be…

It’s always a good day, when repurposing.


My computer was on the fritz yesterday so this post is a day late.  Luckily it turned out to be an easy fix.  I will be checking on your posts, as we speak.  Have a great day!


  1. Love your header. It has my favorite photo in it!! Yeahhhh

  2. Oh...I love the doors!!! I have hollow doors in my house, and so badly want to replace them!!!!
    You go girl!!
    XO Kris

  3. I am so lucky...Larry makes all of our doors and cabinets by hand...they are just beautiful...I do appreciate well made things..when we left va I thought about you...all the old windows we took out were left back there in the shed...just didn't have room to haul them...maybe next year. We are having a HUGE garage sale at mom's next week...lots of good stuff!! ha!

  4. Love the old doors. It looks great. Vintage seems to be returning and you just happened to save it. You are so lucky. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Old does it for me every time. Things were made solid to last back then.

    I would love to do a drive around the US looking in old barns for forgotten goodies.

  6. yepadoodle!
    I too luv "old~new... and new~old" wonderful vintage finds... and how lucky are you to 're-find' that door!

  7. I have some of those doors too. They are in our old barber shop building. I never thought about bringing them home here to use - duh!


  8. The "old" stuff is made so much better than the has stood the test of time for sure! Love the old door!!!

  9. Yeah, the hinge marks are what I actually noticed first. You’re lucky they’re symmetrical! ;) But even though they aren’t, I think it would just improve its time-worn look - like using its aged appearance as a charm. With old doors that don’t have cracks and major damages, quality isn’t a big issue. Most of them are the toughest.


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