Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Creations……


It’s that time of year, when I just have to start nesting….  Creating, stitching up, knitting, crocheting, all those winter time activities.  I have been working on baby quilts, these last couple of weeks, so I am getting an urge to do something else.  And I think it will be some more, all cotton dish cloths, for my Etsy shop.

I noticed, that I set aside all my ‘nesting’ work during the summer.  That’s my play time, ‘glamping’ (glamour camping) in my vintage trailer, working in the yard, talking to my girls in the Chicken Mansion, repurposing larger craft items and just enjoying the wonderful out of doors.  So I am looking forward to ‘some down time’. 

So I guess I had better get off my duff and finish that baby quilt so I can play with yarn.


  1. Time for wintertime projects. But I, like you, will miss the great outdoors and Spring will not come soon enough.

  2. Autumn is bittersweet....it's great to have time for those projects....but oh, the green and the flowers.........we miss them so! Love your dishcloths!!! They are the best!

  3. Can't wait to see the baby quilts! And oh how I love to sit and stitch. Be it, with yarn or fabric and thread....

  4. Karen,
    Do you gain weight in the winter? We do! All spring and summer, dug and I go, go, go. Play, play, play. Then once it gets cold and dark, we sit by the fire and drink wine and beer and eat cheese and crackers...you get the idea. I LOVE vegging by the fire.
    LOVE your stuff. I need to check out your site. love, love, Cheryl

  5. Yep, it's time to switch gears and get creative with different projects. Happy creating...these are adorable:-)


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