Friday, November 16, 2012

Thriftin’ Time Thursdays

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I found the sweetest little lamp at the thrift recently.  I haven’t been going much lately but when I have, I’ve been lucky to see a couple items to tempt me.  This one sure did. 

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I put it in my Etsy shop and it was gone in five minutes!  Yep, my friend, Sharon, snapped it up…right quick. 

thrifting 019 (480x640) 

I picked up four of these globes this summer at a garage sale.  These vintage glass globes, with a floral design were used in vintage trailers as well, as in homes. 

I guess, I better get out there and find some more ‘stuff’…it’s the time of year, to fill my etsy shops.

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  1. What a beautiful lamp, it's no wonder it sold so quickly.

  2. Hey girlie, I have the same 'globe'.. I used glass paint and painted the 'embossed floral' design, and it is hanging in my sweet little #3 trailer, 'Farmgirl on the loose'..... sooo dute....

  3. Oh I wish I had seen it first. What a great light.

  4. That is an interesting little light, and the globes are pretty cute, they could be used for all sorts of non light ideas.



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