Friday, December 14, 2012

Lake Kelso, Idaho


I am so missing our lovely Fall, these dark snowy days of Winter….get me down. 

These are some photos from a trip to Lake Kelso, in September, with my friend, Sharon. 

Can you see the vintage trailer on the top right?


  1. Those photos make me happy and sad! Hope we can spend more time out there next summer.

  2. Beautiful photos... Winter will pass... don't be sad. :)
    Have a happy day.
    Ciao for now...

  3. Awesome. Looks like an airstream. Being used or just parked? Have a great weekend.

  4. I read your post on my "Smart" phone, and I tried so hard to make that rusted boat hull into a trailer. Viewing your post on my desktop solved the mystery; YES, I see the trailer in the upper right. Thank goodness. Karmen


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