Thursday, December 20, 2012

Little Tiny Trailer Comes Home

little trailer 004

Little Tiny Trailer has arrived, via; Troy, Idaho, to set up camp for the winter; in Cheney, Washington. Little Tiny Trailer is a reduced version of my vintage 1969 Shasta trailer, given to me by my friend, Juli.  I just adore her and know that we are going to have many happy journeys together!  Thanks a bunch, Juli!  I love her!



  1. and the best part... LTT has a 'sister' over in Airway Heights... who would love a visit from LTT anytime!

  2. So cute. And, such a great friend. Love it. Merry Christmas.

  3. How dang cute!!! My LLT is the vw bug & trailer. It will be on the move visiting friends soon. I love the pickup ones so I will be keeping an eye out. On no, I can see another collection coming on!

  4. I love the mirror and wreath on the previous post.....gorgeous!!
    The car and trailer are so cute....
    Merry Christmas!!!


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