Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday’s Thrifty Finds

thrift 008I

I promised to show you what I found at the thrift stores in Post Falls, Idaho, this last weekend.  I got quite a haul.  I’ve been looking for belts for sometime…a very long time.  And I found three!  All at one place.

The one with the roses actually got worn yesterday.  It was the first time in nearly 15 years that I wore a belt with jeans!  I am thrilled on two fronts because the other two belts are for my glamping trips with Driving Ms. Daisy and her Mexican theme. 

thrift 006

As you may already know, I am a frame fiend.  And of course, I found some more!  Imagine that!  A lot of these will go into my etsy shop, as I haven’t added much lately.

 thrift 002

I also found another wonderful hat for this summer’s glamping trips.  The black and gold frame already has a graduation picture of my grandson, Austin, on display.  It’s perfect for his photo on the railroad tracks, in his leather jacket. 

thrift 010

I love these little gold frames… $1.50 each, yes, they are plastic but old.  BTW, the herringbone pillow was 3.50 and I bought it for the down pillow inside.  It has a wonderful thick cotton cover and I rather like it but I can’t think of anywhere I could use it.  But I can always use another pillow for Driving Ms. Daisy, my vintage Shasta, so I will be saving the down for another one.

 thrift 003

I just love this Mexican belt…it is huge and it fits!!  I think it will look great at the Farm Chicks glampout, at Riverside State Park, with some Sisters on the Fly, the first weekend in June.  And it was a whole $5! You can bet I will share a picture of my outfit after the meet. 


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  1. You got some great finds. I got "blotto", but there's always next time!

  2. Oh Karen, you hit the jackpot! Those best are fabulous!! The rose is funny because I was JUST Thinking about those leather hair straps, and purses we used to get in Mexico in the 70's. I would love to have one of the leather doo dads, the ones you put the stick through to hold your hair? Remember those? Anyway, great the belts, and the silver on the one...oh my!! Love frames too. Great finds!!!
    xo Kris

  3. EEEKKK! I LUV the belt w/the silver deco!
    as for the little gold frames... I found a set last year down in Colfax,, at a Thrift... I painted mine 'Scotty Blue" and they are hanging in my Scotty trailer.
    Gotta luv those Thrift Store finds! :>)

  4. p.s. old leather belts make great wristlets (bracelets) as well as curtain tie backs and pillow cinches.... just sayin'

  5. Very nice finds - love the belts. Curious about glamping and glampout??
    Enjoyed your post.
    Thanks, Jenn (via Liz's TTT)

  6. Fabulous finds Karen. Love those belts. I'm always on the lookout for pillows with good inserts, it's so easy to change the cover. I'm eyeing that tissue paper box in the back:-)

  7. Looks like you made quite a haul. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. We are expecting rain!

  8. You always find the nicest stuff. One of these days I'm going to tag along.

  9. Wow...what a haul...Love those belts and all the frames! Thanks much for the share. Wishing you a super weekend!


  10. Oh the belts... they don't make 'em like that anymore!



  11. Well worth the trip I would say. Nice belts and frames. I think thift stores are the best place to find frames. The hat will be perfect for your summer camping.
    Nancy Jo

  12. What cool finds! I love those old gold frames, I'm kind of into a baroque period. Can't wait to see the belts gracing a fabulous flowing dress and some killer boots! (Oops, that's just my fantasy!) LOL
    Thanks for taking us out shopping with you.


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