Saturday, January 19, 2013

Prepare Yourself….

max 006


I see that toy…..Can we talk about this? 


 max 005 

Ok, this is good…


max 014

Look at me, I am all over the place….I am about to scale walls….

As you can see, I got grandkid time this last weekend…precious moments, indeed.  Thanks, for putting up with, sharing my grandma moments.




  1. OMGosh!!!!! How about some really cute, cute pictures. Boy is Mr. Maxwell growing. Don't we wish we could slow the time down a little when it comes to grand kids.

    Let's not forget that cutie Dash trying to steal toys!!

    This Grammie sure enjoyed your sharing this morning!

  2. Oh Karen, he is adorable!! Such a fun age too. What fun! Pupper got a cute new "do" too!!!
    xo Kris
    PS I would LOVE to come visit!!! Maybe someday!!!!

  3. What a beautiful little man! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh my goodness....we are not putting up with this...we are loving this!!! Nothing more wonderful than our grands. And your little man sure is handsome!!!

  5. So precious and I'm sure that you enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What A cute, cute moment now caught in pictures. I have no grandchildren at the moment, but can't wait..

  7. Dogs are so funny. When my Grands are here, the dog runs to get his own toy. He wants his share of that attention and play time.


  8. He is soooo precious, I am sure you had a great time with him. Jealous over here

  9. He is a doll! I got to spend time with our grands this weekend, too. Don't they just melt your heart?!


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