Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Musings

Micheal 011


He’s the man…..


Micheal 008


At least, by all appearances…..


Maxwell 010


Ok, I’m sorry…  It’s just that you don’t fit the norm…oh, that’s right,  what’s normal???

Ok, I will be reasonable!  But here’s the thing, you have been behaving very strangely, lately.  Each night you lead the girls to the chicken coop automatic door….and YOU are always the first in line.  The girls are content.  Then I find you in the dark, out in front of the MAN DOOR!  Yes, the main door to the shed…this is not YOUR door, it is my DOOR!  What?  No, I am not a man…just stuff it!  (opps!)

Michelangelo, you are the sweetest, most docile, MAN chicken I know…(I don’t know any others) but what’s with this nocturnal stuff?  Are you not happy with the girls?  I bet the girls are happy with you, (now that you are outside at night). 

If it helps any, in April, I will be getting three more chickens……just for you.  What do you think of that?






  1. How funny!! But those pictures are gorgeous!!!! You could make great cards, tiles, or a calendar of all you chicken pictures!!! Then to think more come this spring!!! I am also getting a few more, also. My girls are getting old and not laying many eggs. Here's to a start of a great week!

  2. The photos are beautiful. Spring is just around the corner for you. Have a super great week.

  3. Do you think he might detect some kind of predator to his girls, so he's standing guard? Just a thought. Also, your pictures are so exceptional! He's very handsome!

  4. Maybe he takes his job very seriously, and is guarding the door to keep his beloved women safe at night!!?

  5. Great pictures of the Roos..I guess you're not getting the upcoming snow storm ???Maybe Spring will follow..

  6. 'Sentry' rooster? you might want Dash to have a little talk with 'Mike'... lol!

  7. You are lucky that he is so docile! Most Roosters are not!!! I hope he likes the new girls too!
    He is a handsome fellow!!
    xo Kris

  8. He is so cute! Love the closeup of his sweet face.

  9. Our chickens are messed up lately too, I think they are trying to tell us Winter sucks!



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