Saturday, April 20, 2013

An Then There Were Five….

New girls 001


‘You know it’s raining out there, maybe we should just stay inside today.’


New girls 003


‘Really this place isn’t half bad, there is some art work.  No music or fountain, like the last place but I think we could make it work.’  It is after all, the Chicken Mansion.


New girls 005


‘What do you think?  The play yard isn’t half bad, either.’

Meet Harriet Tubman (left) and Clara Barton, (because first aid is needed around her!), on the right.


New girls 014


‘Hey, look at this….dessert!’


 New girls 017


And there is Bessie Johnson, in the rear, she was the first black women pilot.


  New girls 023


Both Harriet and Bessie have beautiful feathers. And apparently, like apples, which Eleanor R. and Amelia E. don’t.


  New girls 024

So you were probably wondering what Michelangelo, Amelia and Eleanor, are doing.  Just trying to stay out of the way!

‘Mom, please let us out into the yard, we don’t like our new bed mates!’

Believe it or not, though out all this confusion, Amelia, still had an egg each day.  I wonder when they others will kick in. 



  1. OMG..You and Beverly..talking to your chickens..I do that with my dog and cat too..Cute post

  2. Oh, Missy George, I don't know you, but girl, we all talk to our chickens!!!!
    Good morning Karen! I hope they all get along nicely when they realize they are permanent housemates. I got 5 new chickies yesterday! I am trying to vary the colors of my flock, as well as the egg colors. I have 4 green/blue layers, 4 brown layers, and 2 white layers. I want two more...for a dozen. Or...maybe a bakers dozen????? I so want a Cucko Muran, who lays the dark brown, chocolate looking eggs, and a Buff Orpington!
    Happy Saturday!
    xo Kris

  3. Looks like it will eventually work out. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  4. It looks like they are going to be all good friends.

  5. Talk to our chickens??? Heck yes...and my chickens talk back...sassy gals!! Hey Karen....I love the new pic of you on your sidebar. You look MAHVELOUS!!!

  6. Did I ever tell you most of our chickens don't have names? Not sure why my son only named two of the 5, and now that there is 8 my youngest son has decided to name them, and I can't remember what he picked. So maybe my older son knew I could only handle two names based on how many times I got his name wrong.


  7. I think Amelia has a thing or two to teach the rest of them. With a schmancy home like that, they'll all be one big happy family before long:-)


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