Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Has Sprung…

spring 028


at last…….and the girls know it!!  It’s time for a bath and some sun…..


 spring 022


Michelangelo….come on it’s time for your bath!  An apple….well, yes, that’s ok.


spring 004


Let the dust fly!


spring 014


Just about everyone is getting in on the sunbathing!  Not me….I had too much to do…..


spring 011


First, I had to bring ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’ home from storage.  I was so happy to see her and the first thing I did for her was……give her a bath!  What else?  Seems to be a theme here.


spring 010


Of course, I had to get inside and reorganize and clean….it was so much fun, that I spent all morning in there.  However, since the weather was so nice….probably 68, I had to get to the chicken coop.  It was such a mess. 

I was really tempted to sleep out in the trailer tonight!!!  I may just do that tomorrow.


 spring 007


I am thrilled to say, the Chicken Mansion meets Eleanor Roosevelt’s white glove test (well, not really) , but she couldn’t wait to get into the nesting box, after I added all the lavender…that’s what you see in the shavings.  It helps to keep the bugs away.  Thanks, Grace for the wonderful lavender!


spring 029


‘Eleanor isn’t this just the best day, ever?  Yes, Amelia, it really is!  And we have clean bedding!  It will be a great night in the Chicken Mansion!’ 






  1. I kinda figured that's why you were being so quiet on your pooter. Lots to do and GREAT to be able do it outdoors. Those fat hens look so happy!

  2. Oh, what a productive day! Can't wait to hear about trips with Miss Daisy!! The chickens look nice and plump and healthy.
    Sorry to hear you hurt your back! Take it easy today!!!!
    xo Kris

  3. is so good to see a little green there. None here, yet....but I am being patient. It will come in its own sweet time. Miss Daisy looks terrific. I know you are so eager to get out and about in her....all of your fun "girly" excursions that I envy so. Enjoy this's just the best!
    Hugs, friend!

  4. Lovely to hear you have sun, can't wait to get some here. Looking forward to reading about your trips in Miss Daisy. You girls have a wonderful house they are so lucky.

  5. Spring is beautiful and I'm so glad that you are enjoying. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Isn't it great to have sun!!! I spent Sat. digging in the garden, cleaning girls coop and mowing the yard. I sure could use more days like this past weekend. I need to give my trailer a bath for I'm pulling out later this month for a Sister's weekend, YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I always love seeing photos of your babies!

  8. You're so lucky...We were in the twenties this AM..Might warm up to 60 this weekend...Miss Daisy looks great..good enough to sleep in!!

  9. I have old bird disease. Symptoms are trailer and coop envy.


  10. A sleepout! Oh, I can hardly wait for summer so I can do that too! Both your trailer and your coop look so tidy and clean. Happy spring, Beth.

  11. and I know where you can get some more lavender! :>)

  12. Oh THE girls are just too cute, and fluffy. The coop is pretty delux, love the door. And I can see playing in that cute camper all morning.
    Nancy Jo

  13. First off I Love all the names of your chickens. I sense a theme! Secondly, ill have to keep the lavender in mind.


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